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    Driver charged with manslaughter in Highway 50 crash

    [IMG] The Sûreté du Québec has charged a 29-year-old Gatineau man with manslaughter, dangerous driving and criminal negligence in...

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    2019-01-23 ,13:12
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    Preserving the past at the national library

    [IMG] Old books don't last forever, and that's why Library and Archives Canada undertook a preservation project in 1989. 查看原文...

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    2019-01-23 ,12:32
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    Former girl guides banding together to save Ottawa camp

    [IMG] Some former girl guides are rounding up the old troop to save a beloved camp on the banks of the Ottawa River that's slated for...

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    2019-01-23 ,12:02
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    3-year-old Outaouais girl dies from the flu

    [IMG] A three-year-old girl from the Outaouais died last week from an intense bout of the flu just three days after showing her first...

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    2019-01-23 ,11:02
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    Shopify is getting into TV and film production

    [IMG] Shopify Inc. will launch a TV and film content development and production house. 查看原文...

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    2019-01-23 ,11:02
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    Cannabis store coming to Gatineau by the summer

    [IMG] Quebec's cannabis authority is planning to open a store in Gatineau by the summer, despite supply problems putting the brakes on...

    论坛: 英文新闻

    2019-01-23 ,08:52
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    Why some French-speaking non-binary people don't seek treatment in their language

    [IMG] The use of gender in the French language is intertwined — so much so that some French-speaking gender non-binary people in...

    论坛: 英文新闻

    2019-01-23 ,06:42
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    Weather leads to 3rd day of school bus cancellations this week

    [IMG] The overnight weather and forecast have led to the third straight day of school bus cancellations in the Ottawa area. 查看原文...

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    2019-01-23 ,06:03
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    Canada's chronic shortage of legal cannabis expected to drag out for years

    [IMG] Canada's shortage of pot is now expected to drag on for years. New production is coming online, but ever more cannabis will be...

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    2019-01-23 ,06:03
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    Not for rent: Almonte homeowner warns of scam

    [IMG] A homeowner in Almonte, Ont., is warning of a scam after several people knocked on his door looking to rent his property. 查看原文...

    论坛: 英文新闻

    2019-01-23 ,04:22
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    Out with the cold, in with a whole bunch of snow

    [IMG] It is going to be tough on area roads today, so give yourself plenty of extra time to get around. 查看原文...

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    2019-01-23 ,04:22
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    Winterlude spices up 2019 lineup with world music fest

    [IMG] Winterlude will add a new musical component this year, with a diverse array of acts bringing hot sounds from around the globe to...

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    2019-01-23 ,00:32
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    Hinostroza's 3-point night keeps Coyotes rolling with win over Sens

    [IMG] Vinnie Hinostroza scored twice and added an assist to lead the Arizona Coyotes over the Ottawa Senators 3-2 on Tuesday night....

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    2019-01-22 ,23:22
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    Ottawa police investigate Vanier shooting

    [IMG] Ottawa police are investigating a shooting in Vanier that has sent one person to hospital. 查看原文...

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    2019-01-22 ,21:12
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    Cold isn't cause of bus delays, but can make them worse, OC Transpo says

    [IMG] OC Transpo tweeted on Monday and Tuesday that they would be expecting several cancellations and delays due to winter weather...

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    2019-01-22 ,19:42