Cover the costs of home repairs

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  2. Echelon™ Home System Warranty Program
    Cover the costs of home repairs
    As a homeowner, you know the joy of having a place to call your own. But you also know that home ownership can be challenging. Things break down. And sometimes, they can be expensive to fix.

    We know that too. So we offer every client with a new First National mortgage* peace of mind through the Echelon Home System Warranty Program. The program provides up to $10,000 in eligible home repairs annually.

    Program details:
    • No-cost membership for the first year – it’s compliments of First National
    • You can accept or decline this free benefit on your mortgage commitment
    • Pay only a $50 consultation fee per incident
    • Parts and labour as well as emergency overtime and after-hours charges are covered
    • Systems covered are central heating and air conditioning, electrical, water heater (if you own it) and core plumbing
    After your first year, the low monthly membership fee will be added to your First National mortgage payments. You will be contacted to confirm your continued participation in the program before your first year is up.

    To make a claim, simply call 1-888-221-5153. Echelon Home Warranty Service is available 24 hours a day.
    Read the brochure to learn more about the program, review specifics of the systems covered and get answers to frequently asked questions.

    *Program is not available in BC.

    Provided by First National bank, with mortgage products
    如果获得 First National 的mortgage product, 便可以申请该home system warranty program.

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