1. Ten Reasons to Consider a Career in the STEM Fields

  2. Any local businesses interested in the Chinese market? 大家好! 我叫Kevin! This summer I've been selected as as a Junior Team Canada ambassador to go on a trade mission to China to promote Canadian businesses, industries, and culture abroad. The purpose of the trip is to increase trade and investments...
  3. Apartment available (near Ottawa University)

    Apartments available 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments available Rooms for rent in January $ 550 + 5 minute walk from Ottawa University 10 minutes for the Rideau Centre Shopping For availability or detailed information please call or email. Please...
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    在渥太华这样的时候还真不多。抢占了一个制高点拍的这张: Snowbirds的行踪太难捕捉了,好不用一抓到飞机飞过Peace Tower:
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    小镇风情:2016 Perth穿苏格兰短裙赛跑

    安大略省的Perth是一个人口仅有6000人的小镇。2010那年小镇的一群自愿者们主办了一次穿苏格兰短裙赛跑,这一发便不可收拾。这一年有1089人跑过了终点,打破了250人的吉尼斯世界纪录。 6月25日星期六下午6点,1苏格兰公里,5英里和半程马拉松同时起跑: 我把相机对着跑过的人群,让你体验一下有多少人参加赛跑: 这么小的小孩也跑在人群中: 选手们跑过Drummond街的一座小桥: Perth真的很小,比赛要在居民区里穿行: 这位观众穿着苏格兰传统服装,吹着风笛给参赛者加油: 居民们在街边演奏给参赛者助兴:...