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  1. Sushichef Job Recruitment

    Hey everyone! Sushiman is a franchise that opened at 265 Laurier ave east and we are looking for a highly skilled and experienced sushi chef to join our team! Very friendly staff and great working conditions. This position will be a full-time position and would include consistent night shifts...
  2. Very Successful Franchise For Sale

    Sales Revenue: 66.6K/Month (800K/year). All-In Operating Cost: Rent+TMI + Wages + Royalties + Food Cost= 53K/Month. Current Owner takes in MINIMUM $150,000 per year. Listing Price at $299,000. 5 Year Lease Starting on September 1, 2019 ending on Aug 30, 2024. Same Owner for Over 8 Years. 7...
  3. Bento Sushi Carling superstore 超巿招聘 part time and Full Time

    Bento Sushi carling superstore 超巿招聘 part time and Full Time 時間穩定. Westboro 190 Richmond Rd. Ottawa, Ont (招聘員工兩位) 需要 动作快, 有工作经验者优先, 待遇好 公众假期extra pay + 4% vacation pay 实习三个月后(做得好可以更短)涨工资 有意者请电话联系 袁先生 6132558757