A letter from the Festival office


Dear Team Captain:

As our Race Festival has evolved we have come to realize that the specialized skill of steerspeople is not easily developed over only a few practice sessions. In the interest of safety, in the interest of a smoothly running Race Festival and in the interest of maximizing customer satisfaction we have decided to amend our rules slightly regarding steerspeople. Rule number 32 has been hereby amended to read as follows: "A person may register as a paddler or drummer for only for one team. However, an existing registered steersperson may act as a steersperson for more than one team."

We believe the benefits outlined above would outweigh any possible competitive advantage. If a team chooses to select another steersperson it will up to that team to find the new steersperson and any performance issues that team may experience with their chosen steersperson will be the whole team's performance issue and not a satisfactory subject to lodge a protest for. No allowance will be made for delays in a steersperson getting off one boat and onto another boat. So if this time issue may be a concern for your crew it will be up to your crew to have a back up plan, not the festival. If you show up to the staging area without a steersperson you will risk disqualification. It would be unfair to all the other teams at the event to delay the races for the sake of a few. We are endeavoring to get roughly 4,000 people through the gates on Saturday alone and this requires a smooth flowing process. A special coloured wrist band will be provided to the one steersperson and will identify them as such.

We apologize for the short notice of this change but believe that by advising all teams at the same time it will be as fair as we can make this change for all. We also hope you can appreciate with the Race Festival only 3 days away our office is in transition to the Mooney's Bay site and a flurry of emails on this subject may be difficult for us to respond to prior to the event. Therefore we would prefer if you have comments on this subject that you provide them to us in your post event feedback that is always so valuable to us. Any clarification required will be provided at the team captains meeting on Friday night at 7:00pm in the main tent.


Jennifer Fornelli, General Manager

Josh Chambers, Race Committee Chair

Peter McArthur, Festival Chair