What to do this weekend and beyond


Thursday, April 7

Men get a chance to drink, nibble and upgrade their spring wardrobes at a fashion event and stem cell donor registration, in celebration of broadcast personality Stuntman Stu’s recent announcement he is in remission from Leukemia, hosted by Canadian Blood Services, 5 to 9 p.m., 2nd floor, The Bay, Rideau Centre. There will be a chance to browse spring fashions, play bubble hockey — and the stem cell donor registration is painless, just involving a cheek swab. www.blood.ca/en/stem-cells

Starting first, local quirky pop singer Jeremy Fisher is the next songwriter to have their tunes jazzified by local impresario and musician Petr Cancura in his Crossroads series, 7 p.m., NAC Fourth Stage. The performances, previously featuring Lynn Miles and Ian Tamblyn, has the songwriter performing their songs with new downbeats and pauses, as the hand-picked backing band finds some space to riff. Tickets: $35. nac-cna.ca


The witch gets her revenge in the tragic love story in the ballet La Sylphide.

Then the National Ballet of Canada performs its acclaimed production of La Sylphide, one of the oldest surviving ballets and ancient tragic tales, about a Scottish man (hence the kilts in the photo) who is bewitched by an beautiful, mythological apparition on his wedding day, 8 p.m., NAC. There are witches and magic and high passion of the lovelorn and the beloved, Tickets: from $25. nac-cna.ca

Photos: What to do this week

Some of our suggestions for things to do this week in Ottawa and area.

  • sonia-rodriguez-in-la-sylphide-photo-by-karolina-kuras-cou2.jpeg

    Sonia Rodriguez stars in the National Ballet's performance of La Sylphide. Karolina Kuras / courtesy of The National Ballet

  • 10-member-reggae-roots-band-the-human-rights-are-playing-a-c1.jpeg

    10-member reggae roots band The Human Rights are playing a CD release show at The Rainbow. Alexei N. Malakhov / supplied

  • comic-girl-cosplay-will-be-strutting-at-the-ottawa-geek-mark.jpeg

    Comic Girl Cosplay will be strutting at the Ottawa Geek Market.

  • the-new-broadway-across-canada-touring-production-of-the-sou1.jpeg

    The new Broadway Across Canada touring production of The SOund of Music opens at the NAC on April 12 for a two-week run.

  • wrestler-hacksaw-jim-duggan-is-at-yuk-yuks-sharing-tales-o.jpeg

    Wrestler "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan is at Yuk Yuk's sharing tales of his fight in and outside of the ring.

  • yelawolfs-latest-lp-with-help-form-the-likes-of-eminen-is.jpeg

    YelaWolf's latest LP, with help from the likes of Eminen, is more R&B than outlaw country rap.

  • the-cottage-and-backyard-sale-is-on-april-8-to-10-at-ey-cent.jpeg

    The Cottage and Backyard sale is on April 8 to 10 at EY Centre.

  • brenna-mcwilliams-c-of-the-macculloch-dancers-performs-at.jpeg

    Brenna McWilliams (C) of the MacCulloch dancers performs at Parliament Hill April 5, 2009 in Ottawa for Tartan Day . ANDRE FORGET / Postmedia Network

  • oh-susanna-real-name-suzie-ungerleiderhandout-photo-for-end.jpeg

    Don't miss out on the Oh Susanna show at the NAC — with friend Jim Bryson — and buy tickets early.

  • there-has-been-precious-little-research-on-the-nutrient-prof.jpeg

    Learn about growing vegetables with less work this week. Paul vanPeenen / Postmedia Network

  • an-exhibit-by-gabriela-avila-yiptong-is-on-at-studio-sixty-s.jpeg

    An exhibit by Gabriela Avila-Yiptong is on at Studio Sixty-Six until May 21.

  • danse-de-garcons-is-at-la-nouvelle-scene-handout-for-endema1.jpeg

    Danse de Garçons, a theatre/dance performance without language, is on for thee shows at La Nouvelle Scene.

  • mothersday.jpg

    LIttle Celebrations is among the vendors at the Little Market.

  • for-upbeat-on-the-30th-anniversary-of-the-run-for-reach-whi.jpg

    The Run for Reach, which began in 1986 with a field of 45 runners, today attracts between 800 and 1,000 participants each year.

  • sikh-http-ontariosikhheritagemonth-ca-for-endemann.jpeg

    The history of SIkhs in Canada is being celebrated this weekend.

  • author-carol-daniels-speaks-at-one-of-two-events-from-the-wr.jpeg

    Author Carol Daniels speaks at one of two events from the Writers Festival on April 14.

  • learn-to-make-your-own-sauerkraut-and-more-at-a-fermentation.jpg

    Learn to make your own sauerkraut and more at a Fermentation Workshop. Radical Homestead / handout

  • the-dandy-warhols-handout-for-endemann.jpeg

    The Dandy Warhols play Ottawa with their longstanding Brit-pop informed style, but a new album. Scott Patrick Green / supplied

  • franklin-expedition-historian-and-twice-author-on-the-topic.jpeg

    Franklin Expedition historian and twice author on the topic Dave Woodman is taking part on a panel about the expedition and the importance of the INuit oral tradition on April 12.

  • students-from-ecole-elementaire-publique-michaelle-jean-show.jpeg

    Students from Ecole Elementaire Publique Michaelle-Jean show their enthusiasm at the Day of Pink celebrations at the National Arts Centre in a year past. Graeme Murphy / Ottawa Citizen

  • the-ottawa-vintage-clothing-show-is-on-april-10-handout-fo.jpeg

    The Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show is on April 10.

  • music-fans-search-through-the-records-at-vertigo-records-sto1.jpeg

    Music fans search through the records at Vertigo Records store on Rideau st. during the Record Store Day on April 19, 2014. This week there's the community record sale and Record Store Day to sift through. James Park / Ottawa Citizen

  • 11450639.jpg

    Green Party Leader Elizabeth May will be speaking at Algonquin College.

  • the-sword-hand-out-for-endemann.jpeg

    The Sword have gone even further away from their doom metal beginnings with their most recent album.

  • 0409-cooder-pic-of-ricky-skaggs-sharon-white-and-ry-cooder.jpeg

    Ricky Skaggs, Sharon White and Ry Cooder play as a "roots super group" at Centrepointe Theatres over two nights.

  • montreals-quest-of-the-dragon-king-take-dd-to-the-improv-ele.jpeg

    Montreal's Quest of the Dragon King take D&D to the improv element with spontaneous stories, crafted with high fantasy in mind. They perform at the Ottawa Improv Festival..

  • all-woman-nirvana-cover-band-hervana-plays-the-house-of-targ1.jpeg

    All woman Nirvana cover band Hervana plays an unplugged show at House of Targ.

  • torontos-chad-mallet-thats-matt-folliott-and-ted-hallett-p.jpeg

    Toronto's Chad Mallet -- That's Matt Folliott and Ted Hallett -- perform at the Ottawa Improv Festival.

  • the-new-broadway-across-canada-touring-production-of-the-sou.jpeg

    The new Broadway Across Canada touring production of The SOund of Music opens at the NAC on April 12 for a two-week run.

  • calabogie-rustic-furniture-company-is-at-the-cottage-and-bac.jpeg

    Calabogie Rustic Furniture Company is at the Cottage and Backyard Show.
  • sonia-rodriguez-in-la-sylphide-photo-by-karolina-kuras-cou2.jpeg
  • 10-member-reggae-roots-band-the-human-rights-are-playing-a-c1.jpeg
  • comic-girl-cosplay-will-be-strutting-at-the-ottawa-geek-mark.jpeg
  • the-new-broadway-across-canada-touring-production-of-the-sou1.jpeg
  • wrestler-hacksaw-jim-duggan-is-at-yuk-yuks-sharing-tales-o.jpeg
  • yelawolfs-latest-lp-with-help-form-the-likes-of-eminen-is.jpeg
  • the-cottage-and-backyard-sale-is-on-april-8-to-10-at-ey-cent.jpeg
  • brenna-mcwilliams-c-of-the-macculloch-dancers-performs-at.jpeg
  • oh-susanna-real-name-suzie-ungerleiderhandout-photo-for-end.jpeg
  • there-has-been-precious-little-research-on-the-nutrient-prof.jpeg
  • an-exhibit-by-gabriela-avila-yiptong-is-on-at-studio-sixty-s.jpeg
  • danse-de-garcons-is-at-la-nouvelle-scene-handout-for-endema1.jpeg
  • mothersday.jpg
  • for-upbeat-on-the-30th-anniversary-of-the-run-for-reach-whi.jpg
  • sikh-http-ontariosikhheritagemonth-ca-for-endemann.jpeg
  • author-carol-daniels-speaks-at-one-of-two-events-from-the-wr.jpeg
  • learn-to-make-your-own-sauerkraut-and-more-at-a-fermentation.jpg
  • the-dandy-warhols-handout-for-endemann.jpeg
  • franklin-expedition-historian-and-twice-author-on-the-topic.jpeg
  • students-from-ecole-elementaire-publique-michaelle-jean-show.jpeg
  • the-ottawa-vintage-clothing-show-is-on-april-10-handout-fo.jpeg
  • music-fans-search-through-the-records-at-vertigo-records-sto1.jpeg
  • 11450639.jpg
  • the-sword-hand-out-for-endemann.jpeg
  • 0409-cooder-pic-of-ricky-skaggs-sharon-white-and-ry-cooder.jpeg
  • montreals-quest-of-the-dragon-king-take-dd-to-the-improv-ele.jpeg
  • all-woman-nirvana-cover-band-hervana-plays-the-house-of-targ1.jpeg
  • torontos-chad-mallet-thats-matt-folliott-and-ted-hallett-p.jpeg
  • the-new-broadway-across-canada-touring-production-of-the-sou.jpeg
  • calabogie-rustic-furniture-company-is-at-the-cottage-and-bac.jpeg


Friday, April 8


Marlene Dietrich was one of many scions of American cinema who cross-dressed.

Girls will be Boys celebrates cross-dressing women, with five silent films and live music from a plethora of musicians, in celebration of the book Girls will be Boys: Cross-dressed women, lesbians and American cinema by Laura Horak, 7 to 11 p.m., Club Saw, 67 Nicholas St. Details at Facebook.com or carleton.ca

Then get the party going with funky reggae from 10-member Toronto band The Human Rights who are celebrating their latest recording, alongside fellow brass-section devotees Turbo Street Funk, 9;30 p.m., The Rainbow, 76 Murray St. Tickets: $8. therainbow.ca

For those who prefer an earlier night, the ever-thoughtful and charismatic folk-roots songstress Oh Susanna (aka Suzie Ungerleider) is performing again in Ottawa and promises her “civil servant” fans that, at the end of a long week, seeing her concert will still let them be in bed by 11 p.m. (Heck, she says, show up in your pyjamas to save time.) The singer with the sweet, clear, heartwarming voice is going to be on stage with “the entire band,” which includes local superstar Jim Bryson, Elijah Abrams, Gord Tough. Then, they are playing the Sharbot Lake Country Inn on Saturday. (She last performed in Ottawa in October at the Babes 4 Breasts fundraiser — she’s a survivor herself. ) We keep saying this, but Ottawa loves good music: buy tickets early for this will sell out. Tickets: from $25. nac-cna.ca

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Thinking about putting <a href=”https://twitter.com/JustinTrudeau”>@JustinTrudeau</a&gt; on the guest list for my April 8 Ottawa show.</p>&mdash; Oh Susanna (@OhSusannaMusic) <a href=”https://twitter.com/OhSusannaMusic/status/710485091219181568″>March 17, 2016</a></blockquote>

Rock is on at House of Targ and accessible for a box of tampons (or pads, or menstrual cups) at a benefit for the Ottawa Inner City Health. Suns of Stone, think The Sheepdogs or Zeppelin, are headlining the show, with blues rockers Cold Capital, indie folk rock from Lost to the River and folk punk from The Fays, 9:30 p.m. Tickets: $10 or feminine hygiene products. The products will be given to the Women’s special care unit at the Shepherd’s of Good Hope homeless shelter. and Cornerstone women’s shelter. www.houseoftarg.com

Alabama mixed-genre “slumerican” rapper YelaWolf is in town with his 2015 Love Story album, recorded in Nashville with the aid of producer Eminem and others. Though YelaWolf is known for a Kid Rock-like, hip-hop outlaw country beats, this most recent album has more R&B touches, with synth elements, 8 p.m., Bronson Centre. Tickets: $35-$45. spectrasonic.com

Legendary indie band The Lowest of the Low are back on tour after a hiatus (their debut 1991 album “Shakespeare, My Butt” has been named one of the Top 10 Canadian Album of all time. The group got together for a 20th anniversary tour and now, with a slightly changed lineup, are back on the road again, with more recording planned for this year, 9 p.m., Ritual. Tickets: $20. spectrasonic.com

Saturday, April 9


The Ottawa Gaming Expo and Geek Market are on April 8 to 10 at Nepean Sportsplex.


Ted Bruyere will be talking about using electronics in costuming.

The Ottawa Gaming Expo and Geek Market are both on all weekend at the Nepean Sportsplex, with tickets to the Expo giving entrance to the Market, but not vice versa, but the costume contest on tonight combines both shows. The Gaming Expo features all formats, from board to video, including panels on creating your own, showcase of new games, tournaments, LARPing workshops on weapon or character creation, professional YouTube video gamers and more, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. today, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., on Sunday. And there’s a special treat: the founder of role-playing game Forgotten Realms will game master live via Skype. Admission: $25 at the door, $15/Sunday, $45/weekend pass; free for those aged 12 years and under. cgexpo.ca

The Ottawa Geek Market, offers all kinds of goods and a chance to show off cosplay skill, with everything from jewelry to comic books and home decor on offer at over 114 exhibitor booths. Montreal’s X-Men will be in attendance, as will other local groups. Admission: $10, $15/weekend, free for those aged 12 years and under. geekmarket.ca

The Senior Education Seminar is open to those in their later years and caregivers, offering discussion on staying in the family home, or facilitating the move to a new one, with talks from counsellors, downsizers and more, 9 am. to 2 p.m., Carleton Heights Community centre, 1664 Apeldoorn Ave. RSVP to 613-733-9100 or joannewilson@royallepage.ca.


Alcatel-Lucent Sunday Bikedays wrapped up on Labour Day long weekend with many cyclists out enjoying a morning bike ride along the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway Sunday September 6, 2015. (Ashley Fraser / Ottawa Citizen )

We’re an outdoorsy city so the EY Centre will probably be busy this weekend, with two different related expos: The Cycling and Running Expo is on all weekend with panels by the likes of 1310News broadcaster and popular running chap, Mark Sutcliffe, Wounded Warriors Canada, endurance athlete Racey Stacey, and many exhibitors offering nutrition, sports therapy and gear, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and until 5 p.m. on Sunday ($5-$10; ottawacyclingandrunningexpo.com) The Cottage and Backyard Show will be visited by Cottage Life’s Dave Depencier of Reno My Reno (on Sunday), HGTV’s Paul Lafrance of Disaster Decks (on Saturday) and myriad vendors, from landscapers to cottage real estate, but also a dock party complete with drinks and live music, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday ($12; cottageandbackyardshow.com).

Or, plan on getting far away from mowing lawns at the Travel and Vacation Show, where vendors and tour operators have set up to lure us to spots around the world — or not far away at all, on all weekend, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Shaw Centre. (There will also be people on hand to provide information on updated visa requirements for Europe.) Tickets: $10, free for children 12 years and under. www.travelandvacationshow.ca

For those of us craving a vegetable garden that will magically take care of itself and provide abundant produce comes a three-workshop day, tackling the possibility of high-yield, and low-care plots (not no-care, sadly), including other topics, such as preserving the goods and developing a food system, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., with Aster Lane Edibles, at the Galetta Community Centre, 119 Darwin St., Arnprior. Cost: $30.10 for all three. Register in advance at asterlanedibles.ca.


Make soup to help new refugees to our city.

Warm the bellies and hearts of the over 1,000 Syrian refugees in Ottawa with some soup, at two chopping and stirring events on two days, organized by Soup Sisters non-profit: today from 10 a.m. and also on April 16. Sign up for an hour-long time slot, each holds a maximum 25 participants who must be aged 12 years and up. (None of today’s five time slots were fully booked at least check.) soupsisters.org

The 7th Annual She Will Run conference is geared towards encouraging women to become more politically active, in partisan and non-partisan ways, such as running for office, volunteering, joining groups or simply voting. Members of Parliament Anita Vandenbelt and Candice Bergen will be speaking, as well a justice and members of host group, Equal Voices, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., uOttawa, 120 University Pte. Tickets: $12-$15, include breakfast and lunch. equalvoice.ca

Sadly, both shows by beloved children’s entertainer Raffi at Centrepointe Theatres are sold out. However, those willing to drive — and, as we know,the cat came back — can see him at the Grand Theatre in Kingston at 2 and 4:30 p.m. on Sunday.

The dandiest of dandies, Portland’s the Dandy Warhols, are in town with their unabashed folk-pop, psychedelic party with a surprising all-ages concert, now that high demand has moved the gig from Ritual to the larger Bronson Centre, 8 p.m. They’ve got a new album coming out, well, yesterday, but a few singles show their sound remains pure Brit-pop stoner deliciousness — and we’re sure they’ll still play such mellow-dance tunes as their 2000 hit, Bohemian Like You. Tickets: $35-36. spectrasonic.com

Sunday, April 10


Creative consultant “Joa” models her outfit at the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show at the Shaw Centre on Sunday, November 8, 2015.

One of the most popular sales of the year, the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show is on today only, with vendors coming in with their collections from designer labels to delicate period pieces, downtown at the Shaw Centre, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. This year, the Handbag Gallery will also be setting up a booth, with some Chanel goodies to sell. Admission: $10, free for those under the age of 12 years. www.ottawavintageclothingshow.ca


Get your vinyl (and CDs) at the 14th sale.

We can confidently say there will also be vintage items (even we are the ones to bring them) at the 14th Ottawa Community Record Show, from outdated CDs to vinyl of all sizes, and some new stuff too, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., St. Anthony’s BAnquet Hall, 523 St. Anthony St. . This comes just in time for next weekend’s Record Store Day, when artists (from Bob Dylan to The Weeknd) are putting out special editions — and check out the “learn to DJ with vinyl” event on offer during the week. Admission: $4. facebook.com

Buy some new gear at the Running and Cycling Expo on Saturday, then test it on Sunday at the Run for Reach 31st race, with a half-marathon, 10K run and 5K run/walk/family and 5k wheelchair race, starting at Queen Elizabeth Driveway near the Cartier Drill Hall — so motorists should watch out for road closures (they begin!). The race benefits Reach Canada, a non-profit assisting those with disabilities access justice. Cost: from $30-$240 for team challenge. www.events.runningroom.com


Can you solve the Gallery mystery?

We’ve got three events for the young and young-at heart: Violin maker Antonio Stradivari comes to life in four performances of a children’s musical theatrical caper as his rival tries to learn the secrets to his beautiful instruments, National Arts Centre, 9:30 and 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. in English, 3 p.m. in French. Tickets: from $17.50. nac-cna.ca

There’s a mystery at the National Gallery of Canada and sleuths of all ages are being asked to come out and hunt for clues, though there may be characters along the way to offer tips — if the right password is given, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. This is part of Family Sundays events, also with activities for babes in arms and toddlers. Cost: included with admission. www.gallery.ca/familysundays/

All ages will enjoy the audience participation, skill and ridiculous antics of the Harlem Globetreotters, who are on their 90th anniversary tour, 3 p.m., Canadian Tire Centre. Participants include superstar basketball players Big Easy Lofton, Ant Atkinson, TNT Maddox and Sweet J. Ekworomadu — though the rosters will change for each city. Tickets: from $16. capitaltickets.ca


Little Celebrations is among the vendors at the Little Market.

In Constance Bay, the Little Market is throwing a Mother’s Day-themed craft and vendor fair, with gifts suitable for those who plan in advance, from quirky cards to edible delights, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., 262 Len Purcell Dr. (Mother’s Day falls on May 8 this year.) facebook.com

If you got lost in the wilderness and had a compass, would you be able to use it to get to safety? There’s an practical orienteering workshop on today at Gatineau Park, offered in French from 9:30 a.m to noon and in English from 1:30 to 4 p.m., open to all aged 13 years and over. This is the second workshop on this topic, but both could be taken separately, or together, as they cover different topics. Meet at the Gatineau Park visitors centre. Cost: $13-$20. www.ncc-ccn.gc.ca

Monday April 11

The week has just started but it’s already a tough one, so why not revert to childhood at a colouring night (with booze) at The Hintonburg Public House, 7 p.m., 1020 Wellington St. W. The colouring sheets are included, as are are all required implements, except les boissons. Cost: $5.

North Carolina band The Sword started out as a doom metal group, but have sharply veered towards psychedelic rock of the anthemic, 70s sort with their latest album, and tonight they will make Monday feel like the start of vacation (why aren’t we at the cottage?), 9 p.m., Ritual, 137 Besserer St. Tickets: $20. spectrasonic.com

Also, for anyone missing the sweetness of Easter’s confectionary, Flapjack’s is revamping their menuy for Dessert week, to include dishes like Strawberry Cheese Cake Poutine (that is pancake “sticks” deep-fried, then covered in cream cheese sauce with strawberry coulis and graham cracker crumble.) There’s also the Leaning tower of Nutella, caramel bacon donuts, Oreo ice cream panwich and many more tooth-aching sweets, until April 17, 354A Preston St. www.flapjacks.ca

Tuesday, April 12


Learn how you can help scientists with your own observations.

How you can participate in Citizen science and contribute to the knowledge of experts is the topic for the latest free Wildlife Speaker series offered by the City of Ottawa, including presentations by local co-founder of bumblebewatch.org and a University of Toronto speaker on stewardship of urban forests, 6 p.m, Centrepointe Theatre. ottawa.ca

Fellow explorer and Franklin expedition enthusiast and author Captain Dave Woodman will be talking about the ill-fated Arctic expedition and Inuit oral tradition alongside a panel of experts, including an Inuit historian, the Canadian Museum of History’s curator for Northern Canada,and one of the first people who dove for the HMS Erebus when it was discovered in 2014, 7 to 9 p.m., Museum of History theatre. Tickets: $20. eventbrite.ca


The new Broadway Across Canada touring production of The SOund of Music opens at the NAC on April 12 for a two-week run.

There will be whiskers on kittens and Edelweiss to sing about in a brand new touring production of The Sound of Music, opening tonight for a two-week run at the NAC, directed by three-time Tony Award winner Jack O’Brien, 8 p.m. (and there are matinées on April 16 and 17). Tickets: from $35.nac-cna.ca/en/event/11455

Expose Yourself: Ways to get attention for your book while remaining fully clothed is the pithy title about marketing one’s words at the next Canadian Authors Association meeting, with presenter, broadcaster Sheryl Bennett-Wilson, 7 to 9 p.m., McNabb Recreation Centre, 180 Percy St. canadianauthors.org

Yuk Yuk’s, it seems, is the place to go to see professional wrestlers turned comedians perform as this week they have WWE Hall of Famer Jim “Hacksaw” Duggan, who will, for the first time, sharing stories from his legendary bouts in and outside of the ring, 8:30 p.m., 292 Elgin St. Tickets: $25. www.yukyuks.com


Learn to spin at a popular workshop.

No experience of any kind is necessary to learn how to DJ with vinyl (that’s records, not shiny plastic), taught by local giggers DJs Kiurt Yates and Skillz, including beat matching and cueing, handling equipment and music, and techniques, 6:30 to 9 p.m., Possible Worlds, 78G Somerset St. W. Previous workshops have sold-out quickly. Cost: $45 in advance. (Conveniently, the Record Store Day is this Saturday, with special vinyl being released at some local store.) shop.spinsandneedles.com

Wednesday, April 13


A four-inch drywall knife is used to apply patching compound to a properly prepped area of drywall damage.

Just in time for spring cleaning (and that long list of repairs we’ve put off all winter) Jeff Allingham, aka The House Guru, is giving a workshop on repairing walls and caulking — and will be giving away two hours of work-around-the-house to a lucky attendee, 7 to 8 pm., Parkdale Food Centre, 30 Rosemount Ave. Cost: Free, but donations of toiletry items or food are needed.

Green party leader Elizabeth May will be talking about her politics and opinions about the federal government’s budget, and taking questions, at an event hosted by Earth Allies, 9:30 a.m., Student Commons, Algonquin College, 1385 Woodroffe Ave. www.greenparty.ca/en/meet-elizabeth


Ricky Skaggs, Sharon White and Ry Cooder play as a “roots super group” at Centrepointe Theatres over two nights.

With 14 Grammy Awards and numerous others, this is a folk roots night not to miss: Ricky Skaggs of Kentucky Thunder joins Ry Cooder and Sharon White of The Whites for two nights of super-group folk, bluegrass, country, blues and gospel music, rolling the best of each, performing also with bassist Mark Fain and Ry Cooder’s son Joachim on drums, 8 p.m., Centrepointe Theatres. Tickets: $82.25-$92.25. centrepointetheatres.ca

Today is the Day of Pink, when people and communities wear pink to celebrate diversity and combat bullying and intolerance, which means it is also time for the Day of Pink Gala, a semi-formal, free event hosted by the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity, featuring live music by local musicians, food and awards given to Canadian leaders who have fought bullying and discrimination, 6:30 p.m, Horticulture Building, Lansdowne Park. Tickets: Free, including nibbles, but there is a cash bar ( there are VIP tickets available for $75). ccgsd-ccdgs.org

Thursday, April 14

Let’s call this a night for the different.


Montreal improv troupe GROSS! perform at the three-day Ottawa Improv Festival.

The Ottawa Improv Festival is a grab-bag-of-fun, with talent from across Canada descending on Ottawa to offer three days of varying forms of created-on-the-spot performances — from comedy to the high-fantasy stories of Montreal’s Quest of the Dragon King. The fun starts with local troupes combining forces for some classic improv games,, starting at 8 p.m, Arts Court. Tickets: $10, $35/pass. (Enthusiasts may also want to check out the workshops, including how to steal a scene to crafting stories of any length. Cost: $40 each.) ottawaimprovfestival.com


Danse de Garcons is at La Nouvelle Scene.

Despite being only unofficially re-opened after renovation, Danse de Garçons will be the second show we’ve recommended at La Nouvelle Scene, the theatrical space dedicated to showcasing francophone works. This combination of theatre and dance is performance without language, making it accessible event to the anglophone, as seven performers explore what it is to be male (while being challenged to remain mute), 7:30 p.m., 333 King Edward Ave. Suitable for ages 14 years and up. Tickets: $24.87-$37.86. nouvellescene.com

From Djibouti to Dublin, three authors (Carol Daniels, Abdourahman A. Waberi and Paul Lynch), discuss how our roots define who we are at 6:30 p.m., and then three more (Sara Baume, Sunil Yapa and Joan Crate) discuss the power of forgiveness and empathy at 8:30 p.m., Christ Church Cathedral, 439 Queen St. Tickets: $15/each. www.writersfestival.org

Be transported by the indistinct and fanciful visual interpretation of the island of Mauritius by artist Gabriela Avila-Yiptong in dream-like paintings, just as we are being teased by the promise of similarly washed-out scenes from the weight of a burning summer sun (sigh), opening on exhibit, 6 to 9 p.m., Studio Sixty-Six, 66 Muriel St. studiosixtysix.ca

For some music that defies description, Toronto’s Mineta performs music best described as a softer Peaches, with a liberal dose of circus freak and experimental ska, while remaining not at all trite. They perform with Ottawa’s The Sick Sick Sicks and The Owl Eyes Project, 10 p.m., House of Targ, 1077 Bank St. Tickets: $7. www.houseoftarg.com

Friday, April 15


What kind of owl will you find?

Go prowling for owls with an experienced bird watcher as guide, who will also teach owl calls and responses specific to the Gatineau Park, starting with an indoor education and then 90 minutes outdoors (so wear weather-appropriate clothing). Suitable for those aged 10 years and over, 7 to 10 p.m., starting at the Visitor Centre. Cost: $7-$16. www.ncc-ccn.gc.ca


All genders and ages are welcome to strap on some roller skates — beginners too (but helmets then required).

Remember four-wheeled roller skates (aka quads)? The Ottawa Quad Rollerskating Club holds regular indoor skating sessions for new or experienced skaters, of all ages (though head gear is mandatory for all minors and beginners), 9 to 11 p.m., Carleton University Norm Fenn Gym. Rentals are even available at $5 a pair. Cost: $5-$15. ottawaquadsessions.wordpress.com

For the dance-a-holics, Timekode is throwing an all-vinyl, boogie funk, modern soul “funkraiser” in the style of their raucous parties of old, with DJ Mama Bear, 10 p.m., Backdrop Food and Drink, 160 Metcalfe St. Proceeds will go to fund their 10′ vinyl series. facebook.com

Hervana is the 90s girl dream, an all-female Nirvana cover group usually rock the stage so hard (usually), the guitars go on strike. This time, though, they are performing the Nirvana album Unplugged in New York straight through, so get on your best grunge gear and get ready to sway, 10 p.m., House of Targ. Tickets: $10 at the door. spectrasonic.com

Saturday, April 16


Lost in Layers is one of the many vendors at the summer vibe market at Makerspace North.

There’s summer festival vibe to the Be Wild & be Free makers market, where there are not only a morass of vendors making innovative items to explore, but also a foodie lounge, live music, giveaways and more, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Makerspace North, 250 City Centre Ave. Admission: $5. Free parking. facebook.com


Brandon Miller shows off the vinyls he bought at Legends Record store during the Record Store Day on April 19, 2014. Citizen #116661

Speaking of finds, it’s Record Store Day with special releases expected, including three from the recently-departed David Bowie, Juno Award runaway The Weeknd, The Doors, Phish, Mumford and Sons, Florence + The Machine and Twenty One Pilots are all putting out. Even Bob Dylan has something (his Melancholy Mood EP previously only available in Japan), and Metallica offers its 2003 performance at the Bataclan in Paris, the focus of last year’s terror attack. www.recordstoreday.com

The Parent & Child Expo is on all weekend, with everything from fitness classes to visits from Dora the Explorer and the Mini Pop Kids, also including over 100 exhibitors offering goods and services for children of all ages, from tutoring to innovative products, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m, Nepean Sportsplex. Cost: $4-$6, or $12/family of four. http://bit.ly/1Vv950U


The Kanata children’s consignment mega sale is back.

Parents (but mostly kids) will enjoy the Kanata Spring MEGA kid’s consignment sale, where children’s gently used and outgrown toys — soo many toys — and clothes are re-sold, Jack Charron Arena, from 8 a.m. for those registered for the pre-sale, 9 a.m. to regular admission, 10 McKitrick Dr. Cost: two non-perishable food items for the Kanata Food Cupboard, or $3/adult. kanata.outgrowoutplay.com

The tragic Verdi opera Rigoletto, about a court jester who, unintentionally, kills his own daughter in a tale of intrigue, deception and curses worthy of the Italian who wrote it, is being performed in a costumed performance with a chamber ensemble by Pellegrini Opera, with baritone Jeffrey Carl, Suan Elizabeth Brown as Gilda, and Andrzej Stec as the Duke. Many consider this one of Verdi’s great compositions, including the famous aria, La donne è mobile (Woman is fickle), 7:30 p.m., Dominion-Chalmers United Church. Tickets: $20-$50, free for children 12 years and under. www.pellegriniopera.net

Sunday, April 17


The history of SIkhs in Canada is being celebrated this weekend.

For the first year, Sikh Month celebrations are being held in Ottawa, with an exhibit by acclaimed artist Kanwar Singh, live martial arts demonstrations, marketplace and a chance to sample Punjabi cuisine, all free of charge, Ottawa Gurdwara, 25 Gurdwara Rd. Learn more about the longstanding group in Canada at the Sikh Heritage Museum of Canada. or www.sikhmuseum.com. (Sikh Heritage Month has been celebrated in Ontario since 2014.)


Ed Lawrence is the former head gardener at Rideau Hall and five other official residences.

Think about your garden and helping others while getting using tips from gardening Guru Ed Lawrence, 2 to 4 p.m., Horticulture Building at lansdowne Park, a fundraising event for The Bloomin’ Grannies, who are donating to the Stephen Lewis Foundation effort to support African grandmothers caring for children orphaned by HIV/AIDS. Tickets: $25 in advance, $30 at the door. http://bit.ly/229Th3F

Local jazz saxophonist and composer Rob Frayne put out a call for fellow riffers and scatters to form a jazz mega-band, part improiisational fun and part workshop, and the group is performing live today in their first concert, after four rehearsals, 7:30 p.m., Westboro Legion. We expect it’s going to be a party. www.jazzworkscanada.com


Highland dancers put on a show for Tartan day on Parliament Hill in 2013.

Dust off the kilt for the Sons of Scotland Pipe Band National Tartan Day brings the pipes, drums and dance to Parliament Hill for its 11th annual celebration of all things Celtic (and British, as though the official tartan Day is April 6, they postponed it to give all the chance to with Her Majesty a happy 90th birthday — though it actually falls on April 21). Events on the Hill run from noon to 1:30 p.m., continuing at D’Arcy McGee’s Pub afterwards. www.sospb.com


Learn to make your own sauerkraut and more at a Fermentation Workshop.

Fermentation continues to be the hip thing to do in the kitchen, so learn how to make your own kombucha, sauerkraut, sourdough and about all their healthful properties from the Radical Homestead workshop, 1 to 4 p.m., in Overbrook. Cost: $60, and includes all materials, and the starters participants will take home. radicalhomestead.ca

Speaking of other hip things, a special Hatha-Raja yoga class makes us of a sound like that of the honey bee to lengthen the breath to find calm, taught by Yogrishi Vishketu, co-founder of Akhanda Yoga, 2 to 4 p.m., Glebe Community Centre. Cost: $45. www.bodyandblance.ca

Let no one think Ottawa is not adventurous: The Global Psychedelic Dinner is a fundraiser for the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), with a half hour presentation on the use of psychedelics before the mean begins, 5 to 8 p.m., 19 Main St. The funds will be used to help MAPS purchase of one kilogram of pharmaceutical-grade MDMA for a Phase 3 trials of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). psychedelicdinners.org

The growing appeal of the Islamic State among disaffected youth the world over, despite or maybe because of increasing violence and radicalization, is the topic of award-winning author Mark Bourrie’s new book, The Killing Game, which he will discuss, 7 p.m., Christ Church Cathedral, 439 Queen St. Tickets: $15 in advance, $20 at the door. (Free for Carleton U. students.) www.writersfestival.org

Send your event information to kendemann@postmedia.com, by 8 a.m. Monday, two weeks before it starts. Photos and audio/video files are welcome.