Looking for Sales Rep in Ottawa/Gatineau


PENGWING CYZ Technology Ltd. (https://www.cpengwing.com) is an Ottawa- based retail and wholesale company, specializing in innovative and wellness-driven product sales in the Canada and US. Our specialized products include portable blenders and essential oil diffuses. Our mission is to make the practices of self-care accessible for people with busy life.


- Sales Affiliate
- Sales Representative


The promoted series include our new launched portable blender cup. The concept of these products focus on the convenient, healthy life, and innovative lifestyle.

The target customers include gym goer, busy-life professional, mother, and housewife, traveler, smoothies lover, personal training, nutrition specialist, and people who put focus on their healthy life.

- Blen2go collections including Blen2go blender cup, cup sleeve, straw set, blender bundle
- Gevi collection including Gevi blender cup, blender bundle
- PENGWING diffuser products

Payment and Shipping:

We offer commission based payment for these positions (details provided below). The company covers your travel expense within city using public transit, such as bus, subway, go train, etc., for your sales related activities. Proof of sales activities for your travel expense claim is required to be provided to the company.

- Affiliate
1. Registers PENGWING Affiliate program. Customer makes purchase through PENGWING website. Shipping is fulfilled by PENGWING - 10% of sales revenue

- Sale Representative
1. Customer makes purchase through you or through PENGWING website. Shipping is fulfilled by PENGWING - 10% of sales revenue
2. Customer makes purchase through you or PENGWING website. Shipping is fulfilled by you - 20% of sales revenue. In this scenario, we will deliver product to your designated location.

Product Details:
- Please refer to PENGWING website, https://www.pengwing.ca.
- Company will provide you a sample product for sales demonstration purpose
- Product knowledge ramp-up/training to be provided by company
- Other than the marketing materials provided by company, the hired personnel will be required to create your own marketing material.


• Develop sales strategy, sales goal, and sales execution plan and have it reviewed with marketing director
• Responsible of customer communication and correspondence with regards to sales, product promotion, customer care.
• Conduct self-managed sales activities, such as via email, referral, promotion event as well as social media and PENGWING advertising campaign.
• Responsible for managing sale record, your own inventory (if applicable) and payment settlement with PENGWING


• The candidate should possess Canada legal work permit. University/Collage student who processes Canadian legal work permit is highly encouraged to apply our positions.
• Strong English communication – both oral and written; Mandarin, French is an asset
• Ability to quickly gain knowledge of product and sale skill
• Experience in operating e-platform and other social media for sales, advertising, and marketing is a strong asset.
• Some sales or relevant customer service experience is an asset.
• Proficient in Microsoft Suite Applications and Internet Applications.
• Can be flexible in work during business hours, evening and weekends

To apply for this position, please e-mail your resume to pengwing@cpengwing.com or call us at 613-216-5139 for inquiry or question. We appreciate your time and interest in our positions. Only the selected candidate will be scheduled with the interview.


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