Unsolved homicides in the Ottawa area:

Jan. 31 – Marwan Arab, 20, was shot in the head and his cousin injured inside Shifa Restaurant on Cobden Road while a companion with a criminal past — whom police believe was the real target — fled out the back.

Feb. 24– Taylor Morrow-Flint, a 20-year-old who police suspect was involved in drug activity, was shot in the back of the head in the kitchen of a Ritchie Street apartment where friends had gathered. Police believe the shooting was targeted.

March 8 – Nooredin Hassan, a 20-year-old with a pregnant wife and toddler along with a short criminal record, was shot in the chest as he walked along Jasmine Crescent past a school. Witnesses reported a vehicle speeding away from the scene.

May 2– Lonny Leafloor, 56, was found stabbed in the neck in his apartment in a Lepage Avenue social housing building. Leafloor had battled addiction for three decades and his family believed his killing was likely drug-related.

July 10 – Montrealer Tarique Leger, a 19-year-old who friends said chose the “gangster life” and came to town to party, was found shot in the chest outside a short-stay condo on St. Andrew Street by police responding to reports of multiple gunshots.

Aug. 23, 2014– Jabeir Jemmie, a 21-year-old "gentle giant," was stabbed in the abdomen after what’s believed to be a gang-related fight broke out around closing time on the Elgin Street bar strip. Police said they believe witnesses knew who killed him.

May 14, 2013– Malik “Shylock” Adjokatcher, a 24-year-aspiring rapper with big dreams and, according to police, ties to the Bloods, was gunned down at a Ritchie Street townhouse in what was described as an unprovoked attack.

Sept. 17, 2013– The body of Amy Paul, a young mother police said worked in the sex trade, was found by a farmer working in his hayfield along Cabin Road in the city’s south end. The 27-year-old had been reported missing on Sept. 3 by her worried family, who hunted for her using Facebook.

Nov. 13, 2011 – Khamsouriya Vongviset, known as Eric, was shot to death outside his Barrhaven home and later died of his injuries. The 34-year-old had a long criminal record including convictions for arson and drugs. But friends said he was a family man and mixed martial arts enthusiast.

Oct. 26, 2011– Graham Thomas, a 35-year-old convicted drug dealer and father of young twins, and Jason Chapman, 31, died in a pool of blood as they closed up shop at a Gloucester Centre tanning salon. The shootings appeared carefully planned, with a gunman making a speedy getaway out an emergency exit door. Police seized drugs worth $15 million in a probe linked to the double murder a year later.

May 7, 2009 – Mohamed Jama Ali, a 26-year-old linked to a gang, was gunned down inside a crowded ByWard Market club after a beer bottle was tossed. Police, who said that witnesses weren’t forthcoming, came up empty after a three-day search for the murder weapon in a Vanier park in 2014.

Nov. 1, 2008 – Michael Aitkenhead, 22 and an expectant father, was taken off life support and died on Nov. 12 after being found unconscious on the street after apparently being assaulted outside a Halloween party on Westmount Avenue. His death was ruled a homicide.

Sept. 28, 2008– Simohamed (Simo) ElFenne, 46, was found stabbed to death in his sister’s home on Chelsea Drive in Manor Park. Police believed his body had been undiscovered for several days. ElFenne was a much-loved teacher and soccer coach at De La Salle High School, where teachers wept openly and students made a memorial banner in his memory.

April 3, 2007– Commissionaire Paul Simard, 63, was found in the basement of his ransacked Meadowlands Drive home after he failed to show up for a shift. His hands were bound with plastic ties and his eyes covered with duct tape. "We still don't know why, who, we don't know anything,” said his sister, Yolande Nagy, as police announced a reward in the case in 2011. “It's very raw."

April 30, 2006– Arash Raffiqi, 26, was shot several times in an exchange of gunfire in a St. Laurent Blvd. parking lot. Police say it was gang-related. Crime Stoppers said a year later that several witnesses who were on the scene all fled.

Dec. 10, 2006 – Vanier resident Kelly Morrisseau, 27, was found naked and bleeding to death in a parking lot near Gatineau Park. The pregnant Ojibway woman had been stabbed at least a dozen times. Police said she had been involved in prostitution. Her family remembered her as a loving mother to her three children. Gatineau police released a composite sketch of a potential suspect.

Feb. 18, 2004 – Douglas Stewart, 19, was found by a friend bludgeoned with a tire iron – he’d received about 15 heavy blows to the head — in his Donald Street apartment. “Even if we know who it is, it's not going to bring back my son, but it would give me some sort of comfort and closure,” said his grieving mother, Linda Beland, on the 10th anniversary of his death. Every day I get up, it's like it just happened."

July 9, 2003– Robert Wood, 49, was found dead of blunt-force trauma in his McLeod Street basement apartment by his roommate.

July 23, 1996– John Brow, 56, who was reportedly a bookmaker and drug-dealer, was discovered by his girlfriend shot between the eyes at his Nepean St. apartment. The killing was described as a gangland-style execution.

June 25, 1996– The body of a baby girl whose remains were disturbed by an animal were found by a fisherman inside a rotted tree stump near the Hartwell Locks on the Rideau Canal. It was not deemed a homicide – a cause of death couldn’t be determined — but a detective called it one of the most disturbing cases of his career.

April 12, 1996 – Christopher Smith, 23, was crossing the Portage Bridge after a night out in Hull when he got into a confrontation with a man who stabbed him several times and left him to die in his cousin’s arms. His attacker, himself also bleeding, is believed to have left a trail of blood to a downtown Ottawa phone booth, where he called for an ambulance to the bridge.

Sept. 7, 1995– The nude body of Carrie Mancuso, 32, was found in her apartment on Lafontaine Street in Vanier, strangled in her bed with her own cross necklace. Friends said that while it was reported that she was an addict and worked in the sex trade, they remembered her as a devoted daughter who wrote poetry. Nearly two decades later, Mancuso’s mother, Carol-Ann Johnson, still hoped for answers but wasn’t holding out hope for an arrest. "The best I can hope for is to keep people talking about it,” she said.

Dec. 3, 1993– Sophie Filion, who’d turned to prostitution to support her children and out-of-work boyfriend, was last seen getting into a white van downtown 17 days before her frozen body was found dumped in a Westboro parking lot. The 24-year-old, who was described as friendly and nice, was strangled, ending a short life marked by neglect, poverty and tragedy, including the recent death of her baby son.

Sept. 30, 1990– Melinda Sheppit was 16, pregnant and had been working the streets for just three weeks when her bruised body was found by a homeless man in a parking lot in the ByWard Market. She had been strangled and was missing one of her stiletto shoes. Described as a sweet girl who dreamed of being a social worker, she was last seen alive talking to a man at the corner of Dalhousie and Clarence streets less than 12 hours before.

August 27, 1982– Turkish military officer Col. Atilla Altikat, 42, was shot 10 times in the head and neck as he waited at a red light at the Ottawa River Parkway. A group called the Justice Commandos for the Armenian Genocide took responsibility for the attack – one of a string on Turkish diplomats around the world.

Aug. 11, 1982– Richard Daviau, a 28-year-old bartender, was found by his girlfriend shot in the head in his James Street apartment, with shards of broken glass from what appeared to be a beer bottle beside him.

May 1982 – Kathryn Corbett, 26, was found in an isolated woods in the city's east end, stripped to the waist and stabbed. She’d borrowed her mother’s car, which was found abandoned in Nepean.

May 25, 1981 – Maurice Jolicoeur was shot in the head by a man seen fleeing in a balaclava during what was believed to be a robbery at his senior citizens' apartment. The 64-year-old had been partially paralysed after a stroke two years earlier.

Nov. 18, 1979 – Lori Zwicker, 15, went missing in July but it wasn’t until four months later that her badly-decomposed body was found face-down in a creek in a “lover’s lane” behind St. Monica's Church in Nepean. A murder investigation was launched – years later police later considered whether her death could have been accidental.

Jan. 31, 1977 – Orma Casselman's brother found her naked body on the bedroom floor of her Prince of Wales Drive apartment. The 50-year-old had been stabbed in the chest, strangled and sexually assaulted. Her home had been ransacked but nothing had been stolen.

Jan. 11, 1977 – Wayne Roushorn, 26, was found stabbed to death in his taxi on Fisher Avenue. Police hunted for a man who got into his cab at Bayshore Shopping Centre about 45 minutes earlier. Two decades later, his family offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to his killer.

Nov. 23, 1975 – Julius Zimmerling, 38, was found dead in his maximum security cell at the Innes Road jail. Police believed Zimmerling, who faced charges including murder after two men died in an O’Connor Street house fire, had been strangled.

Nov. 1974 – Pauline Matthews, a 49-year-old secretary at the Department of National Defence who lived in downtown Ottawa, was found beaten to death in Carlsbad Springs. She was wearing only black boots. Her clothes were found nearby.

May 17, 1974 – Lenore Harding was found floating in a ditch near the airport by a passerby. The 18-year-old had been sexually assaulted, stabbed repeatedly and hit on the head with an axe, just 10 days before her wedding. Her family offered a reward, hired a private detective – and even consulted a psychic, to no avail.

May 1973 – George Kearns, 65, was found dead in his home on Regent Street in the Glebe. He had been stabbed in the back of the head with a butcher knife.

Aug. 15, 1971– Christine Walkowiak, 16, was reported missing on May 13 after she failed to return to her home in the Glebe after finishing work at her part-time job on Carling Avenue. Her body was found in a wooded area near North Gower. She’d been sexually assaulted and killed with an axe or a machete.

June 24, 1970– Jeanne St. Germain, 42, was killed and three others hurt after a bomb went off when she was working in the communications office in the basement of the Department of National Defence. The bombing was pinned on the Front de liberation de Quebec – the October Crisis soon followed – but no one was brought to justice.

January 1970 – Wasil “William” Gubin was found dead by his wife in the shoe store attached to their home on Bank Street near Billings Bridge. Both the victim and another person's blood were found on the shop’s front window and on shards of glass at the front door.

December 1966 – Rose Baillargeon, a 53-year-old who’d had many brushes with the law, was found hanging from a coat hanger in her Frank Street basement apartment a week before Christmas. A single fingerprint was found at the scene.


2015年1月31日--20岁的Marwan Arab在Cobden路的Shifa餐厅内头部中弹,他的表弟受伤,而一名有犯罪前科的同伴--警方认为他才是真正的目标--则从后面逃出。

2015年2月24日--Taylor Morrow-Flint,一个20岁的年轻人,警方怀疑他参与了毒品活动,在Ritchie街一个朋友聚集的公寓的厨房里,他的后脑勺被射中。警方相信这次枪击是有针对性的。

2015年3月8日--20岁的Nooredin Hassan,带着怀孕的妻子和蹒跚学步的孩子,还有短暂的犯罪记录,当他沿着Jasmine Crescent路过一所学校时,胸部中弹。目击者报告说,有一辆车从现场疾驰而去。

2015年5月2日--56岁的Lonny Leafloor被发现在Lepage Avenue一栋社会福利房的公寓里颈部被刺伤。Leafloor与毒瘾斗争了30年,他的家人认为他的遇害很可能与毒品有关。

2015年7月10日--蒙特利尔人塔里克-莱格(Tarique Leger),19岁,朋友们说他选择了 "黑帮生活",来镇上开派对,在圣安德鲁街一栋短租公寓外被发现胸部中弹,警方在接到多起枪击案的报告后进行了调查。

2014年8月23日--21岁的 "温柔巨人 "Jabeir Jemmie在打烊时间前后,在Elgin街酒吧地带爆发了一场据信是与帮派有关的斗殴事件,他的腹部被刺伤。警方说,他们相信目击者知道是谁杀了他。

2013年5月14日- Malik "Shylock" Adjokatcher,一个24岁的有抱负的说唱歌手,有很大的梦想,根据警方的说法,与血族有关系,在Ritchie街的一栋联排别墅里被枪杀,据说是无端攻击。

2013年9月17日--警方称从事性交易的年轻母亲艾米-保罗的尸体被一名农民在他位于城市南端的卡宾路(Cabin Road)的干草地里发现。27岁的她在9月3日被担心的家人报案失踪,他们用脸书追寻她。

2011年11月13日,人称Eric的Khamsouriya Vongviset在他的Barrhaven家门外被枪杀,后来因伤势过重死亡。34岁的他有很长的犯罪记录,包括纵火和毒品的定罪。但朋友们说,他是个顾家的人,也是综合格斗爱好者。

2011年10月26日--35岁的毒贩格雷厄姆-托马斯(Graham Thomas)和31岁的杰森-查普曼(Jason Chapman)在格洛斯特中心的一家日光浴沙龙收店时,死在了血泊中。枪击事件似乎是经过精心策划的,一名枪手从紧急出口门迅速逃离。警方在一年后与这起双重谋杀案有关的调查中查获了价值1500万美元的毒品。

2009年5月7日--26岁的穆罕默德-贾马-阿里(Mohamed Jama Ali)与一个帮派有关联,在一个拥挤的ByWard Market俱乐部内被人扔了一个啤酒瓶后被枪杀。警方表示,目击者并没有出现,2014年在Vanier公园内对凶器进行了为期三天的搜索,结果一无所获。

2008年11月1日--22岁的迈克尔-艾特肯海德(Michael Aitkenhead)是一位准爸爸,11月12日,他在Westmount大道的一个万圣节派对外被发现昏迷在街头,显然是遭到了袭击,随后被取走了生命支持系统并死亡。他的死亡被认定为凶杀。

2008年9月28日--46岁的Simohamed (Simo) ElFenne被发现在他姐姐位于Manor Park的Chelsea Drive的家中被刺死。警方认为他的尸体已经被发现好几天了。ElFenne是De La Salle高中深受爱戴的老师和足球教练,老师们公开哭泣,学生们为他制作了纪念横幅。

2007年4月3日--63岁的保罗-西玛德在他被洗劫一空的梅多兰路家的地下室里被发现,因为他没有去上班。他的双手被塑料扎带捆绑,眼睛被胶带覆盖。"我们仍然不知道为什么,谁,我们什么都不知道,"他的妹妹Yolande Nagy说,警方在2011年宣布悬赏此案。"这很生硬。"


2006年12月10日--27岁的Vanier居民Kelly Morrisseau被发现赤身裸体,在Gatineau公园附近的停车场流血致死。這名懷有身孕的Ojibway女子至少被刺了十幾刀。警方说她曾参与卖淫。她的家人记得她是三个孩子的慈母。Gatineau警方公布了一个潜在嫌疑人的综合素描。

2004年2月18日--19岁的Douglas Stewart被朋友发现在他的Donald街的公寓里,被人用轮胎铁击打,他的头部受到了大约15次重击。"即使我们知道是谁,也不会让我的儿子回来,但会给我一些安慰和结束,"他悲痛的母亲琳达-贝兰德在他去世10周年时说。每天我起床后,就像刚刚发生的一样。"

2003年7月9日,49岁的Robert Wood被他的室友发现死在他McLeod街的地下室公寓里,死因是钝器伤。

1996年7月23日,56岁的John Brow,据说是一名庄家和毒贩,被他的女友发现在他的Nepean St.的公寓里被人开枪击中双眼。这起杀人事件被描述为黑帮式处决。



1995年9月7日--32岁的Carrie Mancuso的裸体在她位于Vanier的Lafontaine街的公寓里被发现,她被自己的十字架项链勒死在床上。朋友们说,虽然有报道说她是个瘾君子,从事性交易,但他们记得她是个写诗的忠贞女儿。近20年后,曼库索的母亲卡罗尔-安-约翰逊仍然希望得到答案,但对逮捕不抱希望。"我最希望的是让人们继续谈论这件事,"她说。



1982年8月27日--42岁的土耳其军官阿蒂拉-阿尔蒂卡特上校在渥太华河公园路等红灯时,头部和颈部中了10枪。一个名为 "亚美尼亚种族灭绝正义突击队 "的组织对这次袭击负责--这是土耳其外交官在世界各地遭受的一系列袭击之一。

1982年8月11日--28岁的酒保Richard Daviau被他的女友发现在他的James街公寓里头部中弹,在他的身旁还有似乎是啤酒瓶的碎玻璃片。

1982年5月--26岁的Kathryn Corbett在城东一个偏僻的树林里被发现,被剥去衣服并刺伤。她借了她母亲的车,被发现遗弃在Nepean。

1981年5月25日 - Maurice Jolicoeur在老年公寓发生抢劫时,被一名戴着头巾逃跑的男子击中头部。这位64岁的老人在两年前的一次中风后半身不遂。

1979年11月18日--15岁的Lori Zwicker于7月失踪,但直到4个月后,她严重腐烂的尸体才在尼平圣莫尼卡教堂后面的 "情人巷 "的小溪中被发现。一场谋杀案的调查开始了--多年后,警方考虑到她的死亡是否可能是意外。

1977年1月31日--Orma Casselman的哥哥在她威尔士王子路公寓的卧室地板上发现了她的裸体。50岁的她胸部被刺,被勒死,并遭到性侵犯。她的家被洗劫一空,但没有任何东西被盗。


1975年11月23日--38岁的Julius Zimmerling被发现死在Innes Road监狱的高度设防牢房里。警方相信Zimmerling是被勒死的,他面临着包括谋杀在内的指控,因为在O'Connor街的一场房屋火灾中,有两人死亡。

1974年11月--住在渥太华市中心的49岁的国防部秘书Pauline Matthews被发现在Carlsbad Springs被殴打致死。她当时只穿着黑色的靴子。她的衣服在附近被发现。

1974年5月17日,Lenore Harding被路人发现漂浮在机场附近的水沟里。18岁的她在婚礼前10天遭到了性侵犯,多次被刺伤,并被斧头击中头部。她的家人悬赏,聘请了私家侦探--甚至咨询了灵媒,但都无济于事。


1971年8月15日--16岁的Christine Walkowiak于5月13日被报失踪,因为她在结束Carling大道的兼职工作后没有回到她位于Glebe的家中。她的尸体在北高尔附近的一片树林中被发现。她被性侵犯后用斧头或大砍刀杀死。

1970年6月24日--42岁的Jeanne St. Germain在国防部地下室的通讯办公室工作时,被一枚炸弹炸死,另有三人受伤。爆炸事件被归咎于魁北克解放阵线--十月危机很快就发生了,但没有人被绳之以法。

1970年1月--Wasil "William" Gubin被他的妻子发现死在他们位于比林斯桥附近银行街的家的鞋店里。受害者和另一个人的血迹都被发现在商店的前窗和前门的玻璃碎片上。

1966年12月--53岁的Rose Baillargeon曾多次与法律擦肩而过,在圣诞节前一周,她被发现被吊在Frank街地下室公寓的衣架上。在现场发现了一个指纹。




Jan. 31, 1977 – Orma Casselman's brother found her naked body on the bedroom floor of her Prince of Wales Drive apartment. The 50-year-old had been stabbed in the chest, strangled and sexually assaulted. Her home had been ransacked but nothing had been stolen.