Sandy M8-2


Note: Anyone can help you with this mission, they don't all have to be on the same mission.

After getting the mission from the gate guard go talk to the King then go to the Knights' Quarters (upon entering the castle turn left and go through he door) and talk to the guy (name starts with R). You now need to go to Temple of Uggalepih in Yhoator Jungle. This is a 2 part quest.

The first part requires you to get a Prelate Key (Rare/Ex) which are dropped by Tonberry Stabbers. This key allows you to enter the door for part 2. To get the key you go left upon zoning into the Temple and go through the granite door. Go north then east then north, following the corridor until your reach the stairs and zone out to Yhoator. From here on go straight then make a right turn followed by another right and go straight until you zone again. You're now back into the Temple with a staircase leading down and right, camp here and look for Tonberry Stabbers.

The second part requires you to kill 2 Doll NMs. Upon zoning into the Temple, take the path leading right and keep going until you zone out to another section of Yhoator, then keep going and you'll be back into the Temple. If you run into a wooden gate you know you're heading the right way. Continue until you see a fork in the road with vines. Turn left and there will be a Temple Guardian. Kill it and the door will open leading to a room with 4 sets of staircases. Also in this room is the Manipulator (NM) that agros to magic and he patrols the room which are also inhabited by a lot of tonberries. (If you have brought the recommended party you should be able to take out the Manipulator easily.)

There is a door right above where you first enter this room so run up the staircase DIRECTLY above you, not the one on the other side. Trade the Prelate Key to enter (Note: it is a one-time-use key). Once in keep going and when you reach a fork in the road turn left. You should now see four doors, this is where the boss fight is.

Clear the hallway of all Tonberries and Magic Jars. Doors 1 (farthest down), 2, and 4 (closest to you) is where you need to go into and click on the ??? to receive fragments of a broken key. DO NOT click on door number 3 after you retrieve these three pieces if you are not ready as the NMs will pop.

When you have the fragments and are ready, touch door 3. Nio-Hum and Nio-A will pop. After killing them click on door 3 to receive your key item and you're done. Go back to San d'Oria for your reward.

This Mission is Not Skippable
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