Sandy M9-1


First, talk to the any gate guard to accept the mission, then head to Chateau d'Oraguille to receive a cutscene. You are asked to retrieve three magical objects from three different regions. The first two parts can be soloed because no battles are required.

For the first part, head to Valley of Sorrows. You will need to enter from northern entrance to Valley of Sorrows that is guarded by Manticore and Cockatrices (as opposed to the coastline entrance). Once you have entered, head south until you come to the cliff. On the west wall there (I-8) you will find a ???. Touch it to get a key item.

Second, head to (H-7) of Xarcabard. The ??? is found in the middle of three trees on the upper level of Xarcabard in that grid. Touch it and receive another key item.

Finally, for the last part, gather an group and head to Battalia Island at (J-11). You must go through Eldeime Necropolis to get there. This is the island where the Stone Monument is, as well as the ??? for one of the pieces of WAR AF. Touch the ??? (it is the one that you reach by turning right after exiting Eldeime Necropolis) and two greater birds will spawn -- Suparna (BRD type), and Suparna Fledgling (WHM type). The WHM type will use Benediction, so it is a good idea to focus on the WHM first. A full party of LV 75 can win this battle, but an alliance doesn't hurt, especially if members are lower than 75. Once you have defeated both of them, touch the ??? again to receive a third key item.

Take the key items back to Chateau d'Oraguille to complete the mission.

This Mission is Not Skippable
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