PROMOTE on Roger's cell phone, TV, Internet, and *ALL INCLUDE FREE INSTALL*


  • SERVICE for ROGER’s (I can offer this deal anywhere in Canada)

    Do you need any service from Roger’s company, I can offer you TV-new customer I can offer you guys 3 months half price + free installation (NO Obligation, which mean you can cancel anytime, NO contract)

    TV package:
    Recommending: Digital VIP package cost $27.98 a month for 3 months (regular price $52.50)
    You will receive: Channels 2-70 + Digital box (additional 60 more channels from the digital box) + 1 FREE pay pervivew movie +FREE installation

    Internet Package:
    Recommending: High Speed Express Internet (3MB)-for ONLY $29.95/month for 6 months + FREE Installation (regular price is $46.89)

    Cell Phone Package:
    Recommending: Cell phone, I can offer you FREE activation (usually company charge you between $25-$35) + For the first 7 months receive FREE local calls + you will receive 2 months free choice of services ie. Caller ID, Enhanced VoiceMail:$9 + you will receive 3 month FREE text messaging, picture messaging, video messaging (3 music downloading)(normally when you call the call centre or the local Roger’s store they don’t offer customer this package, because I am tech audit so I have special promote on hand)

    5 NEWEST cell phone from Roger’s (I offer you)
    1. LG4015 (colour flip phone) *9.99* (2 yr=$59.99), 2.Motorola V220 (camera phone)
    *$29.99 *(2y=$79.99), 3.Nokia 3220 (video phone)*$49.99*(2yr=$99.99)
    4. Nokia 6101 (camera/video)*$49.99*(2yr=99.99, 5.Samsung X426
    (Internet ready)*$19.99*(2yr=$69.99)

    For the first 7 months he can get FREE local calls
    Recommending: (Individual plan) $20.00-200 Weekday/Wkinght mins/mnth.
    Unlimited wkends clock wday 8am-6pm, wknight 6pm-8am Mon-Fri, wkend 6pm-8am Fri-Mon
    but with the bonus, customer will receives 2 months free for choice of service ie. Caller id, Enhanced voice mail $9, Essential value pack.
    FREE receive text messages, call waiting, conference calling, call forwarding & busy/No
    Answer transfer

    You can also pass it on to your friends, if they ever need it, you can simply ask them to give
    me a e-mail and leave me your contact number and I will get back to you as soon as possible.