1. 推荐 BREAKING NEWS: 一军人在纪念碑前被枪击 议会大厦戒严

    still locked down here, but saw some people were leaving the building.
  2. bass

    1.5 to 2 lb is good keeper. bigger than 3 lb the meat will be too tough and too much mercury.
  3. 渥太华大学交流生,急需法律方面的帮助

    找个英语好的人一起去255 Albert St 4 楼 Ontario Housing Tribunal 去咨询一下。
  4. His family feels guilty asking the community for financial help, but doesn't know what else to do to

    what is the end of the 杯水车薪 story? Any updates?
  5. Home Depot 地板安装

    Just need a musk because it is quite dirty. Cut then roll them, tape it and put outside, the garbage truck will take them. The time consuming thing is to get rid of the nails board underneath the carpet.
  6. 加拿大专家:实验已证明转基因食品有害(图)

    Agree and support. :)
  7. Home Depot 地板安装

    It is not a very easy job. And you do need some skills to handle it. Back breaking three four days labour intensive job. Not fun. :)
  8. Home Depot 地板安装

    They subcontract the installation out. It all depends on which contractor you will be ended with. Some are good, some so so.
  9. 有人知道这个“Just Energy Conservation Program"吗?

  10. 想买箱红酒,长期喝的那种,什么牌子好喝??? also good.
  11. 这年月,有人喜欢与公婆或岳父母同住的吗?

  12. 这年月,有人喜欢与公婆或岳父母同住的吗?

  13. Victoria day 排队领红包