1. 信用卡被人盗用!

  2. 隔壁邻居的FENCE装到了我的院子一INCH,不多,但感觉不好!怎样处理比较好?

    Thanks guys for the comments and advice! 看来我不得不忍让一下了。这个邻居是算计好了要占着点小便宜了。以后和他没交道!
  3. 隔壁邻居的FENCE装到了我的院子一INCH,不多,但感觉不好!怎样处理比较好?

    Thanks everyone for the comments. Here is a figure to show you the detail. I just hope he can put the boards on his side. He said that it will look different from his other side.
  4. 隔壁邻居的FENCE装到了我的院子一INCH,不多,但感觉不好!怎样处理比较好?

    That is a new idea. But it looks hard to do. 不好意思,都是邻居。
  5. 精华 [请求]种过cedar hedges(树篱笆)的朋友请进来

    缓过劲儿来了吗? We are waiting for your picture! Actually, I am also trying to plant the trees in my back yard. Could you give me some information and advice? Thanks.
  6. 隔壁邻居的FENCE装到了我的院子一INCH,不多,但感觉不好!怎样处理比较好?

    Maybe,this is why he did the fence in this way. Get a little from you, and you can't stop him. The case is if he put the boards on his side, it should be on the right position. He said he doesn't want to put the boards on his side.
  7. 隔壁邻居的FENCE装到了我的院子一INCH,不多,但感觉不好!怎样处理比较好?

    Yes, I will split the cost. We have a mark (builder left it, I guess)to divide the lots. The post is moved to my side about one inch, and he put the board on my side, too. It is a tough problem. This neighbor looks a working class. Another neighbor did well to keep his fence in a correct position.
  8. 隔壁邻居的FENCE装到了我的院子一INCH,不多,但感觉不好!怎样处理比较好?

    Re: if share with you, on the divider line, if not share with you, Thanks very much! But I would like to see the policy of City Hall for detail, any information?
  9. 隔壁邻居的FENCE装到了我的院子一INCH,不多,但感觉不好!怎样处理比较好?

    我也想让他改回去。但是,应当有什么具体规定。如果允许 1 INCH 的误差,我就没办法了。
  10. 隔壁邻居的FENCE装到了我的院子一INCH,不多,但感觉不好!怎样处理比较好?

  11. “千里共婵娟”大型中秋文艺晚会将隆重登场

    千里共婵娟 (ZT) 千里共婵娟 沐浴清辉,满目秋爽。天高云淡,望断南飞雁;登高放目,秋思万丈。秋山如洗,缘于苍穹的辽阔无邪;秋水如镜,缘于池塘的浓如墨绿;“露从今夜白,月是故乡明”。那一轮美轮美奂的秋月,勾起古往今来多少人无限思绪。从古至今,月光被赋予了太多太多的内涵和太浓太浓的深意。   苏轼有词云:人有悲欢离合,月有阴晴圆缺,此事古难全。千百年来,无论圆缺,月亮总是默默的陪着世人或悲,或喜,或离,或合,或春风得意,或颠沛流离……世上俗人总摆脱不了爱欲嗔痴,惟有月光,用它那淡淡的银色,抚慰着众生百态,千年不变……...
  12. 两边邻居都在安Fence, 我该怎麽办?

    That's good idea. Thanks very much. I will wait for a good opportunity to finish it.
  13. 两边邻居都在安Fence, 我该怎麽办?

    目前,后面还没有邻居, 但是快了, 已经开始盖了。 我是觉得两边的邻居太急了。他们不会替我装,但是,我装的时候,他们会帮忙。
  14. 两边邻居都在安Fence, 我该怎麽办?

    Thanks, Timothy! They are doing it by themselvs right now.
  15. 两边邻居都在安Fence, 我该怎麽办?

    我是没有时间,没有技术,也没有兴趣。是不是等他们干完了,我再找Contract to finish the rest one side? (Of course, we have agreed with them to share the material for both sides). Thanks for any advice. Any information for the contract to do this small job (only one side fence) ?