1. hhfofTo

    求 Mini-van/Cargo Van 搬家: Toronto-->Montreal [Anytime April 25-28]

    Contact: Henry henryhfung21@gmail.com 613-878-1048 Thanks!
  2. hhfofTo

    求 Mini-van 搬运 Toronto-->Montreal Anytime from April 23-28

    email: henryhfung21@gmail.com
  3. hhfofTo

    求 Mini-van 搬运 Toronto-->Montreal Anytime from April 23-28

    Contact: Henry cell: 613-878-1048. Thanks!
  4. hhfofTo

    寻找 Aug 27 Ott--Tor Carpool!!

    如题。 Please contact me at 613-878-1048, thanks!
  5. hhfofTo

    找房子 May 1st!

    I am looking for a room starting from May 1st. I am a Carleton U student, I want a place that is near 117, 4, 7 bus routes. Please contact me at henryhfung21@gmail.com or 613-878-1048 (after 7:00pm) for discussion. Thanks.
  6. hhfofTo

    2 seats needed Ottawa--->Montreal Jan.5

    2 seats needed from ottawa to montreal on Jan.5 Pls contact 613-878-1048. Thanks!
  7. hhfofTo

    找 MOntreal 短期住宿, 1月起入住

    找 MOntreal 短期住宿, 1月起入住。 Pls call 613-878-1048
  8. hhfofTo

    精华 短期住宿集合

    Looking for a short term place to live in Montreal from 01/04/08 to 01/15/08. Pls call me at 613-878-1048 or message thanks
  9. hhfofTo

    OTTAWA--TOR Look for carpool FRI 10-5 anytime

    I need a carpool from ottawa to toronto on friday. Please call me at 613-878-1048 thanks
  10. hhfofTo

    Looking for carpool long weekend Ottawa---> Toronto

    pls call me at 613-878-1048 thanks
  11. hhfofTo

    Need a carpool toronto---ottawa sept 5 afternoon

    I need a carpool from toronto to ottawa on sept 5 in the afternoon (after 12:00pm) Please contact me: 613-878-1048 i can speak english, cantonese and a bit manderin. thanks
  12. hhfofTo

    engine electives

    Hi, I need some help here. I want to know what is the best engineering elective course to take. I am looking for soemthing that is easy, require the least time studying/memorizing and can get high marks. What courses do you big bros and sis suggest me to take to lessen the burden of this...
  13. hhfofTo

    NEED books for 1 yr engine

    Dear friends, I need to buy books for 1st year engineering, i heard that for ECOR 1606 you can study off the course package, but i still need books for ECOR 1010 and ECOR 1101 AND MATH 1005 If anybody wants to sell those books, or know where to get those books at a low price, please post here...
  14. hhfofTo

    Why Fear Won't Sell Space

    yes, but thats bad news for us man, maybe we should find something esle to study.....