1. who haven't receive notice of taking oath after Jun 12th exam

    you are asking: "i bought a lottory ticket, have not won anything yet. anyone with similar situation, please tell me how much i can win" in your case, others' cases will have ZERO effect on you. do you think if i won lotto, you will won? as i posted before, immigration cases usse...
  2. [问题] 国内的驾照在渥太华可以用多久

    Re: Re: Re: Re: [问题] 国内的驾照在渥太华可以用多久 that is just the letter of the law. some poeple use their chinese or indian lisence forever, and even when speeding they don't get tickets. first of all, you need to understand, in what case, you need to show your lisence, then you need to understand...
  3. 老公的信用卡我能不能用?用的时候还签我的名吗?

    agree. you have my vote. don't break law for stupid reasons. calculate the risk and return. in your case, even though risk is very limited, but return is ZERO. you gained nothing by not applying one yourself.
  4. [问题] 国内的驾照在渥太华可以用多久

    you can use it forever, if you know what to say to police.
  5. 跟车被抄牌,怎莫办?----请版主删掉此帖,多谢!

    can you stop making new laws? the road is public. anyone can do anything as long as not traffic law is broken.
  6. 信用卡号被盗

    No. that is not right. The seller will not get paid, most likely. Card companies have certain rules the seller must follow, such as did he ask for address, phone number, did he record IP, did he ask for 3 digit secret code... In most cases, they only get your card # and date. if they use...
  7. 税收加房价高 越来越多安省人移居魁省

    税收加房价高 越来越多安省人移居魁省 随着安省本年度预算案的实施,特别是增税方案,加之渥太华本已过高的房价,使越来越多的安省居民正移至魁省。 在连续几年增税之后,安省与魁省之间的税赋差距已越来越小。从本月起,安省的一种新的“保健税”的实施,将征收安省人从$300-900不等。这样,一对夫妇带一小孩,年收入为$60000的家庭在年终缴税时,反而将比魁省人多支付$779的税! “所谓‘保健税’实际上将更多的钱放进安省政府的腰包”?渥太华Marcil Lavallée 公司的主管及会计师Bruno...
  8. Wedding bliss turned to horror at a Chinatown wedding reception

    ottawa chinatown has so many of them. kick them out. their food is even worse than chinese in clearness. if chinese food is gabage, theirs is shit. i have seen how they prepare food and how they keep those beef noodles. you will never want to eat them.
  9. Wedding bliss turned to horror at a Chinatown wedding reception

    it was reported on ottawasun, but it seems it happens not in ottawa. ottawa has seen shooting, robbery recently very often. be careful. ottawa is becoming a new crime center after toronto. toronto has became very bad in the last two years. bad job market led poorer people to fight for income.
  10. Wedding bliss turned to horror at a Chinatown wedding reception

    Mon, July 19, 2004 Deadly wedding mayhem Shots ring out at reception By AJAY BHARDWAJ, Sun Media EDMONTON -- Wedding bliss turned to horror at a Chinatown wedding reception when assailants opened fire on the crowd and attacked with knives, killing one and leaving three clinging to...
  11. 请高手推荐pub or club

    queen and bay, there is a nice club on queen, on the south side, pink light...
  12. 急问, 持B2飞美,如果拿2个32kg的大箱子,是否会被拒绝入关?

    officially, you will be questioned twice. the officers don't communicate with each other very much unless you are in trouble. you didn't say how long you are going to stay and why you go there. from what you said, i bet you will forget to bring something very important.
  13. 急问, 持B2飞美,如果拿2个32kg的大箱子,是否会被拒绝入关?

    seen similar case before. even he tells the truth at the first place, he will be rejected more than 40%. the trick is not telling the truth but telling what they like to hear with SKILLS. telling things without backups is stupid
  14. 急问, 持B2飞美,如果拿2个32kg的大箱子,是否会被拒绝入关?

    I had seen many clients with trouble too. there are many Legal and Normal things you should not bring. You really have to carefully prepare everything, especially after March 2003, Iraqi War
  15. 急问, 持B2飞美,如果拿2个32kg的大箱子,是否会被拒绝入关?

    depends. according to what you said in the past, you had 30% to get rejected, 50% to get only 30 day status. only 20% to get 6 month stay.