1. 卡尔顿新生(女)寻租房

    I have a furnished room for rent , available August, there is 104 bus to Carleton University. If you are interested please email me for details. My email is
  2. 闯了红灯o.3秒

    You can select 2. The judge will reduce the fine for you. You have to see them before the due date. I have the same experience. The fine was $325. Finally I paid $225
  3. 渥太华有做国内驾照翻译的事务所吗?

    You can call CISOC 613-237-0502. They provide translation.
  4. 请教大家一个事情

    You can contact CISOC, they can translate the document for you. The phone no. is 613-237-0502
  5. 老外同事想针灸 有好介绍么

    You may contact Dr. Yuan. His phone no. is 613-722-2577, 87 Spadina Ave. Ottawa, He speaks English.
  6. 加华文化中心"长者健康乐园"欢度重阳

    I suggest the name to be changed to Jin Nian le Yuan.
  7. 请推contractor

    You may contact Mr.Li, his phone no. is 613-852-0888
  8. Wanted English Book: Skills for Success Reading & Writing 4

    Do you have an English book for Sale? the title is "skill for Success Reading and Writing 4. Please contact or phone 613-321-0691
  9. English book: Skills for Success-Reading & Writing 4

    Anyone has a English book "Skills for Success-Reading & Writing 4" for sale? Please contact 613-321-0691
  10. 要租离ottawa大学近的房子

    I called you tonight. This is my email address You may contact me by email. You may give me your email then I can give you more details.
  11. 怎么sublet apartment?

    sublet apartment You could ask the apartment rental office employee to help you to sublet and give him some reward or you advertise in the website for sublet.
  12. 针灸医生

    Dr. Yuan, Wei 613-722-2577 (87 Spadina Ave. Ottawa)
  13. 求租:渥太华downtown 房一间

    I have a friend she has a room for rent with parking. If interested please contact her 613-792-4221 or email
  14. Free single bed

    ;) Free single bed to give away Anyone needs a single bed please contact me It is in good condition. I am in downtown area.
  15. Free single bed (twin size)

    Free single bed (twin size) to give away in good condition. Anyone needs a single bed please email me You have to pick-up yourself.