1. CBC大幅度系列报道中国CBC News series explores China's expanding sphere of influence

    "This story is part of a CBC News series exploring China's expanding influence around the world and how Canada and other countries are contending with China's power." The first sentence of the article has already demonstrated how Canada would do its best to "resist" or do anything possible to...
  2. 卖车 GLC300 2018款

    Any accident? how about the warranty? Is the price still negotiable?
  3. LRT又down了

    Actually it is Line 5 in Minhang District (Made by Alston Shanghai Inc.). Shanghai Line 3 is no difference to subway trains in turns of passenger carrying capacity.
  4. 国际生物奥林匹克2019年结果揭晓,中国团体第一,加拿大个人最好名次第117名

    Are you dumb enough to think this was Math Olympiad? It is Biology!
  5. 机场免税店 双喜和中南海香烟各一条

    Do you still have the cigarette? send me message 343-882-4075
  6. YMH auto centre disappeared

    Thanks! It looks like moving to Canotek road?
  7. YMH auto centre disappeared

    I wanted to have my car fixed but sadly found it is gone. Anyone knows if the repair shop is moved to somewhere or Mr. Chen is retired? Thanks.
  8. Canadian Tire vs. 一抹黑 (Y.M.H AUTO)

    HI I wanted to have my car repaired at YMH but sadly found it was disappeared already (Monday April 29, 2019). Is Mr. Chen retired or YMH has been moved to another location? Please let me know if you know the information. Thanks.
  9. 渥太华各区中文名称

    Barrhaven 巴屯 Kanata卡屯
  10. 渥太华各区中文名称

    Stonebridge 石桥镇
  11. 优惠价出免税店香烟:一条硬中华$100,一条百年龙风红双喜$80

    Text: 343-882-4075 中华已出,百年龙风红双喜优惠$70啦。仅一条。
  12. 红塔山经典1956 $50

    我只要一条50卖不?613 513 4891
  13. 请教:怎样移除旧的浴巾架

    Thanks a lot! my phone 613-513-4891
  14. 请教:怎样移除旧的浴巾架