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  1. 印度教会的代祷呼求

    Hello everyone, Last Friday we received a phone call from Pastor Kuo Thai Chiang in Kolkata, India. He shared with us that the Covid outbreak in his region is very dangerous and critical. We have known Pastor KT and his wife Florence for many years and have deep respect for their faithful...
  2. Bill on assisted suicide

    Calls to Action on Bill C-7: Euthanasia The House of Commons is debating amendments to Bill C-7. As we mentioned in our call to action earlier this week, this is our last opportunity to call on Parliament to kill this bill. The Senate made several amendments to the legislation adding...
  3. Petition against sex selective abortion

    MP Cathay Wagantall's Bill C-233, the Sex-Selective Abortion Act, is potentially just weeks away from being debated in the House of Commons. Therefore, Cathay has chosen to sponsor an official House of Commons online petition: e-3161. Click here to sign the petition. With just a 60-day window...
  4. The Great Reset: 展望未来 2030年

    Go beyond 2030, zero emissions by 2050:
  5. The Great Reset: 展望未来 2030年

    到2030年,人人都应该活得健壮无病。若不是,参考这项服务 no waiting period!:MP on Medical assisted death:
  6. The Great Reset: 展望未来 2030年

    All of sudden "Great Reset" becomes a buzz word.
  7. The Great Reset: 展望未来 2030年

    Great Reset - response from Australia media:
  8. The Great Reset: 展望未来 2030年

    I hope communist won't come here in Canada.
  9. The Great Reset: 展望未来 2030年

    The great reset by global stake holders:
  10. The Great Reset: 展望未来 2030年

    Confess from a former ANTIFA:
  11. The Great Reset: 展望未来 2030年

    What is it look like in year 2030:
  12. Survey About Small Businesses

    @所有群仁:大家好! 安省疫情进入第2波, 小企业自今年3月份起就经历了最大的打击。Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill选区联邦保守党议员Leona Alleslev希望对目前小企业生存状况有所了解, 并能够在国会为本选区中小企业发声。 下面是一个12个问题的调查问卷, 不用5分钟即可完成。希望群中的中小企业经营者能够积极参与答复下面链接的问题表。 多谢。