Keith 2010的最近内容

  1. CAEL Test

    N 年前, 可讀一英文 course 代替 TOFEL 而且有 credit. 不知道現在有沒有 .
  2. 打完辉瑞第2针一周后,突发阑尾炎

    I have my teeth pain as well at the next day. I checked my teeth last month with no problem. I am still considering if I need to see a dentist.
  3. 【干货分享】当日疫苗种类

    Just back from Nepean Sportsplex. It was 25 minutes late to call me in. The line is separated into green tag or purple tag. Green is Mordena. Purple is Pfiser. As I took AZ as the first dose, I was given the Green tag so it was Moderna.
  4. 哪位朋友能推荐一张信用卡?

    Scotibank has student VISA credit card. The limit is $1,000. The student can earn Scene point too.
  5. 垃圾桶丢了,怎么办?

    here: Recycling | City of Ottawa I got a new box on my driveway at the same day.
  6. 推荐 新年好!

  7. iPhone 换电池问题

    Go to an apple store to check your battery if it is qualified first. They don't have stock in Ottawa until March or April. The cost is about $40.
  8. Riven要参选省议员,请支持!

    真的嗎? 支持!
  9. Carrytel

    I have been using it near 1 year and no problem. The internet is very stable and keeps high speed. So far it disconnected twice only. I think your problem may come from the home network. Also, I don't use the wifi of the modem. I use another router for wifi.
  10. 哭死,为什么黄瓜突然蔫了?

    缺少水分, 太熱
  11. 长周末的星期五 又是520 排队发钱

    thanks, but what is 520?