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    stale, peanut oil : rancid
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    I chuckle when somebody would critique my online babble in regard to grammar and usage. Does he know it is very impolite? I suggest he goes to Twitter or Facebook and starts critiquing there. Plenty of bad English there!
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    ?? 除了第一点有点道理,其它都不知所谓,不过你把我在半分鈡内隨意寫下的慢慢分析,用心良苦,谢谢!
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    Very proper English. The only thing I object to is that if one is wishing somebody good luck in the coming 'lunar' year, why should one mention the year 2015? It makes it so incongruous. It also makes one wonders if the good luck only occurs in 2015, what happens to the days past year 2015...
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    精华 勇气与真意——关于围棋的八卦

    我的圍棋是在這里大学一位台湾来的同学学的,在那两三年间算起来下了数十局,什么生死定式一概不懂,但卻產生对圍棋的变化和佈局的興趣,不过在加拿大下棋的机会太少,所以除了看看棋书,這数十年未下过棋,吳清原大師的棋書也看过,當然是一知半解,但感受到那时候本因坊挑战赛是那么嘔心激烈。 汉奸?想来好笑。
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    悼念渥太华华人同胞 王征

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    Understandable translation but not topnotch.
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    亲们, 亲们

    Ottawa bylaw on parking says the maximum period for parking is 3 hours with or without sign. Notwithstanding the bylaw, there are seldom any patrols on the weekends. To give you a ticket, they have to put chalk marks on your tire every hour to confirm that you indeed exceed the 3 hour limit...
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    The issue is with the luggage tag. If the luggage is tagged all the way to Ottawa, all you need to do after clearing the customs is to walk to the connecting flight conveyor belt and put it on. As long as the the luggage is tagged properly, the baggage handlers will know what to do. A properly...
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    香港"占中",现在是什么情况?港警两个半小时完成铜锣湾清场 结束79天占领

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    zt 美国华裔数学家获“天才”奖 得62.5万美元奖金(图)

    赞一个!研究pure mathematics 在外门人来看很枯燥旡味,尤其是 number theory, 張教授能十年窗下旡人问,一举成名天下知,可喜可贺!
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    If you have a chance to go to Toronto, shops in Pacific Mall at Steeles and Kennedy offers repairs on cracked screens for iPads, iPhones etc. usually done in an hour. My iPad mini repair was $65.
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    These ancient manuscripts show China dominated Vietnam in the 1800s, too

    What China did then was a thousand times tamer than the colonization doctrine used by western powers. The subservient countries had power of self rule. There was no overt exploitation of locals. There was no mass genocide or forced slavery.
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    应该说爬上Santa Maria 去看 Volcan Santiaguito erupt.