1. 家里油漆颜色的选择,有什么好建议吗?

    If your have dark floor, then light color on wall would make the room brighter and look bigger. With light color floor, you can pick darker paint. For classic, go for netual color like beige, light brown. For contemporary, grey is popular. Read some decoration magazine to get some inspiration.
  2. 再来老话题,吸尘器中央好,还是dyson好

    I have used both I prefer central vacuum, while my husband likes dyson so since he is the one who does the work, we have dyson now...
  3. Bell手机优惠计转让

    Bell手机优惠计划转让 合同到 2012年6月--13 months remaining Samsung Omnia --smart phone 200min weekdays unlimited weeknights (from 8pm) & weekends caller display + voice message + call forward no system fee all in $25/month + taxes special data plans available for this smart phone if require please...
  4. 请问大家都去哪里改Ring size?

    Birks, it was $80 last year,
  5. 哪里有买Blueberry Extract?

    Try Bulk Barn.
  6. 指甲油也可以这样玩

    it's cool
  7. Open to Above 的吊灯问题

    you have to go into the attic to add extra support.
  8. 瀚通改建日记-附完工效果图

    Do you think it could be easier to tear down the house and rebuild a new one?
  9. 姐妹们做SPA吗?推荐几家吧!

    Try this one, amazing place... http://www.lenordik.com/index_f.php
  10. bambu新餐馆开业试吃报告。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。

    You probably haven't been to Moxie yet. Truly believe they have the 'best' waitress... also opinion from ladies :p
  11. 【求助】对于买房砍价大家都有什么给力的招儿吗?

    Just be patient, there is no such thing that the seller hold it for you coz to be fair. They just try to make you rush to make a offer. And it's really a buyer market now, why worry his miminum price, you should offer whatever you feel comfortable.
  12. yamaha piano U1 group buy

    For all who is interested in Kawai, please send me qqh with your email address. I will keep you guys updated by email. Thanks,
  13. yamaha piano U1 group buy

    Yamaha U1 is a bit too pricy for beginners. I'm considering the lower price range like Kawai K15 or K2. Please drop me a note if anyone is interested in Kawai, so then I'll seek the group price from the dealer.
  14. yamaha piano U1 group buy

    Could you ask the dealer if we can buy different models? Is it the dealer on bank street?
  15. 家里新装了几个吊灯。。。分享下。。。

    This site may not have the best price. I have seen same lightings with better price in Multi Luminair.