1. 聘请厨师/收银员必须会说英语 泰国快递

    Thai Express Barrhaven hires a chef/cashier. Must speak English. Call 613-890-8909
  2. 招客户/市场代表 Looking for talented Sales

    公司为西人能源公司服务,因业务扩张,渥太华地区有大量的用户需Renew Contract, 特招聘: 客户/市场代表一名,服务客户主要是西人,需要英语流利,公司提供培训,工作易上手,工作时间相对自由,要求有自己车辆,能吃苦耐劳,待遇优厚。有销售经验者优先,欢迎英语好的学生(须有工签;公司提供移民支持) 有意者,请发送简历到邮箱: jiqinwang@gmail.com 联系电话:416-938-9856 谢谢! Hi Guys, What are you looking for? We are: Billion dollar company, in business for...
  3. Thai Express in Barrhaven is looking for a cashier/cook

    Looking for one Full-Time Cashier and cook. Must speak English. Good pay. Call: 613-890-8909
  4. samg


    Hello everyone! I have been in China for three years but my Chinese is still too bad! I have long felt that I am particularly powerful because the Chinese have always praised me but I know that I am not worthy of their praise. My Chinese level is the same as many CBCs. I already talk, but if I...
  5. Ottawa ESL Teacher

    My name is Lynn Sheppard and I am an English Teacher in downtown Ottawa available for all levels and ages. I am very close to the University of Ottawa. I can help you study for the IELST or similar tests. If you are interesting in private teaching please contact me at sheppard0524@gmail.com or...
  6. TestPreparation

    一对一西人老师高效辅导--IB 英语 ,雅思,托福,OSSLT, SAT,ACT, CanTEST, CAEL & CELPIP

    Test Preparation Services (TPS) 提供一对一高效辅导,线上/线下双重选择,我们有IB英语,雅思,托福,OSSLT, SAT,ACT, CanTEST, CAEL, PTE 和 CELPIP 外教老师,教学经验丰富如需详情请电 613-447-1622 或浏览 www.tpstests.com Test Preparation Services (TPS) provides one-on-one quality onsite/online tutorial. We have tutors for IB English, IELTS, TOEFL...