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UPDATE: Ongoing City of Ottawa Power Outage



This morning, the City of Ottawa joined the Province of Ontario in declaring a state of emergency due to the ongoing power outage. As a result, the City recommended that residents not go to work today unless they are essential or emergency staff.

Update from Hydro Ottawa

As part of the process to return hydro service to full capacity, load shedding began to take place at 8 a.m. this morning.
As a result, all Ottawa customers can expect to experience rotating load shedding (intermittent blackouts) until power is fully restored. This means that for now, customers will receive about one hour of hydro service, followed by a 3-hour interruption.
It is extremely important that users conserve energy at all times by shutting off unnecessary appliances and air conditioners and to using power frugally.
Hydro Ottawa
Heat Alert

The general public is urged to stay cool where possible. Also avoid vigorous exercise, seek air-conditioned facilities where appropriate, and drink plenty of fluids. The City's wading pools are open, as are all City beaches.
The public is encouraged to check in on vulnerable friends and relatives regularly.
The frail and vulnerable can call the City's 24-hour Call Centre at 580-2400 to talk to a public health nurse or to get information on emergency shelters open and available to people at special risk.
Public Health nurses will assess situations and assist people in making appropriate arrangements.
Residents should call 9-1-1 in the case of a life-threatening emergency.
The City has opened 3 cooling stations to help residents - seniors in particular - beat the heat. These stations are also open to residents who need electricity to run medical equipment.
The cooling stations are located at the: Nepean Sportsplex (1701 Woodroffe Ave.), Orléans Recreation Complex (1490 Youville Drive), Federal Government Conference Centre (Wellington Street at Colonel By Drive).
The cooling stations are open until 8 p.m. tonight. Call 580-2400 for more information.
Tips to Stay Cool
Power failure food safety

Residents should remember the "Two hours, too late" rule, i.e., any food that has been thawed or has been at room temperature for more than two hours should be thrown out. If in doubt, throw it out. Call 580-2400 for more information.
Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Britannia, Westboro and Mooney's Bay Beaches are now open. Swimming is not recommended downstream from the Robert O. Pickard Environmental Centre, in particular at Petrie Island, due to a possible contamination from the sewage treatment plant.

The elderly and those at high-risk can call 580-2400 to talk to a public health nurse should they have any health concerns.
Water, wastewater and solid waste

The City's water supply and water treatment plants are fully operational. Residents should continue to use water conservatively.
Wastewater continues to be treated at the Robert O. Pickard Environmental Centre. However, the treatment level of the effluent has been reduced. The City continues to monitor the quality of the discharge.
Communities downstream from the City's wastewater treatment plant have been advised.
The Household Special Waste Depot scheduled to take place August 16, 2003, at the Trail Waste Facility, is cancelled.
City Facilities
All City facilities are closed, including municipal offices and Client Service Centres, with the exception of:

the 24/7 call centre at 580-2400
wading pools
employment and financial assistances centres - for emergency assistance only
Britannia, Westboro and Mooney's Bay Beaches are now open.
garbage, recycling and leaf and yard waste (operating on regular schedules)
Transit and Traffic

OC Transpo buses are running on regular schedules. However, the St-Laurent Transitway tunnel is currently closed.
The O-Train will not run until full power is restored.
Para-Transpo is operating on an emergency basis only.
Traffic signals are functioning only intermittently or not at all. The public should treat each intersection as a four-way stop.
The Ottawa Police Service requests that the public leave traffic directing to its officers.

Extra officers are on duty and all operations are normal.
Load shedding will also impact street lighting at night. Residents are encouraged to avoid traveling on dark streets.

Extra fire service personnel are on duty and all operations are normal.
Because of the load shedding, residents are advised to refrain from using elevators.
Ottawa Fire Services encourages the public not to leave lit candles unattended.
Do not use barbecues, propane or other outdoor gas appliances indoors.
Beware of using old and worn extension cords.
Turn off as many appliances as possible.
Generators should be left to cool before refueling.

Additional paramedic units are on duty and all operations are normal.
Shopping Centres

Place d'Orléans Shopping Centre; St. Laurent Centre; Merivale Mall; Westgate Mall; Billings Bridge Mall; Bayshore Shopping Centre; and Lincoln Fields Mall are open.
Please be advised that in all of these cases, the malls are open, but certain stores are closed.
Other retail outlets may open throughout the day. Contact them directly for their hours of operation.

Many pharmacies are open, however, they are having trouble processing debit card, credit card and drug plan transactions. Be prepared to pay in cash only. Residents should contact local pharmacies for further information.
For more information, contact us by:
Phone - (613) 580-2400
TTY - (613) 580-2401
E-mail - info@ottawa.ca


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