good books for your research(统计, 线性代数)


Useful English books for sell(very new;all the authors are from famous USA universities ):

1.Brief calculus with applications, 4th edition(1995)----author: larson hostetler edwards; ISBN: 0-669-39490-4

2.Introductory statistics, 4rd edition----author: Neil a. weiss & matthew j. hassett; ISBN: 0-201-17833-81733

3. Statistics for business and economics, 8th edition(2001)----author: James t. mcclave & p. george benson & terry sincich; ISBN: 0-13-027293-0

4. Statistics and data analysis from elementary to intermediate(2000)----author: Ajit C. Tamhane & dorothy D. dunlop; ISBN: 0-13-744426-5

5. linear algebra with applications, 5th edition(1998)----author: steven j. leon; ISBN: 0-13-849308-l

6. Business statistics: a first course(1998, with disk)----author: Markl.berenson & david m. levine; ISBN: 0-13-744178-9

7. Linear algebra with applications, 2nd edition (2001)----author: OTTO Bretscher; ISBN: 0-13-019857-9

8. linnear algebra with applications, 1st edition (1997)----author: OTTO Bretscher; ISBN: 0-13-0190729-8

9. Linear algebra and its applications, 2nd edition (2000, update)----author: David C. lay ISBN:0-201-34774-1

10. Statistics for management and economics, 5th edition(1986)----author: William Mendenhall, James E. Reinmuth, Robert Beaver, Dale Duhan ISBN: 0-87150-972-5

11.Basic statistics in business and economics (1973)----author: George W. Summers, William S.Peters ISBN: 0-534-00198-X

12.Linear programming (1994)----author: James P. Ignizio, Tom M. Cavalier ISBN: 0-13-183757-5

13. Study guide and casebook-managerial economics, 2nd edition (1993)---author: Edwin Mansfield ISBN: 0-393-96286-5

14. Just the essentials of elementary statistics (1995)---author: Robert Johnson ISBN: 0-534-24246-4

15. Lotus 123 with technical applications-versions 2.2 and 2.3 (1992)
-----author: Gary Closson ISBN: 0-201-56408-4

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