Canada Election 2019: Andrew Scheer snatches defeat from the jaws of victory



Scheer never did quite resonate outside the party’s base. There were other problems. His lack of transparency about his resume for the job being a big one. Crucially, every time the occasion presented itself for Scheer to come clean – like over his comments on same-sex marriage or over his dual Canadian-American citizenship, for example – Scheer obfuscated instead.

There were a few tactical blunders along the way as well. The fact the party had no climate change plan proved a massive misstep. As was releasing the party’s economic platform on the Friday before the Thanksgiving Day long weekend. With Scheer, there always seemed something to hide.

Scheer’s problem was also one of tone. He could never strike the right one. And as a consequence his campaign never really clicked with women or young people, which make up the most important voting blocks.

An atrocious first week was masked by the Brownface/Blackface scandal. And for a few days there it seemed like Scheer had the momentum. But when it came to crunch time, Scheer couldn't control his baser political instincts.

Scheer’s Brownface/Blackface assault on Trudeau out of the gate during the English language debate, for example, was intended to make him look decisive. It only made him look nasty.

Instead of talking up issues, the Conservatives tried to make the election about Trudeau's character, only it turned out to be Scheer’s makeup that raised questions.

When throwing mud didn’t work, the Cons tried to lie their way to victory, turning this campaign into the ugliest in recent memory. There were many rumours planted with friendlies in the media. Among them that the RCMP had launched an investigation into SNC-Lavalin. And, of course, the false story that Trudeau was forced to leave his teaching job in Vancouver because of an inappropriate relationship with one of his students.