Bring Earth Day Home in 2021


There are many things Ottawa residents can do in and around our homes to help keep our planet healthy. Here are some fun and simple ways to help ring in Earth Day 2021!

We may be celebrating Earth Day close to home again this year, but we can still do things to contribute to a healthy planet.

We may be celebrating Earth Day close to home again this year, but we can still do things to contribute to a healthy planet.

Use your green bin!

More time at home means you may be noticing your green bin is a bit fuller these days. This is a good thing! When you compost your potato and banana peels, the homemade sourdough starter (that didn’t quite pan out), and Felix’s regular litter deposits, you are doing your part to improve soil quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and extend the life of our landfill.

Some tips to keep your green bin a little tidier this spring and all year long:

  • Use a garden hose to give the bin a good soak and get rid of any sticky residue from winter.
    • Did you know that vinegar and baking soda are also effective, natural cleaning agents that help manage odors year-round?
  • Newspapers make good paper liners for your green bin. Making liners is also a great, kid-friendly Earth Day activity: get instructions and more tips here.
    • Did you know that you can also use old milk bags, bread bags, grocery store bags and other plastic bags to hold your organics?

Join our Earth Day wireside chat on April 22 to learn more about how composting helps fight climate change.

Get garden inspired!

Rain and pollinator gardens are beautiful, environmentally friendly attractions that are popping up in many Ottawa neighbourhoods. Earth Day is a great time to get creative by starting your own earth friendly garden.

  • A rain garden collects water and lets it absorb slowly into the ground. These gardens also help divert water away from your home and keep our rivers clean by preventing run-off from your property! Visit our webpage learn how to build one.
    • Did you know that rain gardens work in all types of soil, from clay to sand? (source:
    • The City will soon launch Rain Ready Ottawa, a program to help Ottawa residents put rainwater to good use on their properties. To learn more visit the City’s Rain Ready Ottawa webpage.
  • Pollinator gardens are a good way to attract and support local pollinators in your neighbourhood. For some tips and tricks on starting one, visit the City’s pollinator webpage.
    • Did you know that local pollinators include hundreds of species of native bees, flies, butterflies and moths, beetles, ants and even some birds, as well as the introduced European honeybee?

Get to know the wildlife in your neighbourhood

Nature is closer than you think – you might be surprised by how many species you can find in your own yard or neighbourhood! This year, Ottawa residents can participate in the City Nature Challenge with the Canadian Wildlife Federation. From April 30 to May 3, Canadians are encouraged to go outside and take photos of wild plants and animals, and to submit their sightings to iNaturalist.

Did you know? The City of Ottawa hosts a Wildlife Speaker Series to help increase residents' knowledge and appreciation of wildlife and promote coexistence through understanding and respect. Each event features one or more guest speakers on a seasonally relevant topic, as well as an open house-style environmental exposition. Learn more.

Get involved and have your say

We want to hear from you! Check out what the City of Ottawa is doing to address the climate emergency through our Climate Change Master Plan. Learn about the sustainable ways we plan to manage our waste over the next 30 years through a new Solid Waste Master Plan. Get involved by visiting Engage Ottawa and checking out current and upcoming engagement opportunities:

For more information on City programs and services, visit or call 3-1-1 (TTY: 613-580-2401). You can also connect with us through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.