Why Biden start to copy China 為什麼拜登開始抄襲中國



This video talks about how Biden is focussing on infrastructure to revitalise America with the aid of the West. The American Jobs plan is compared to China's infrastructure 5-year plan. The G7 decisions to counter China's influence in the world is put into Chinese context. What drives Biden to copy China? Is it fear, caring, leadership or an American dream? 00:00 Intro: Why does Biden copy China? 00:37 Biden once claimed China cannot innovate 03:28 Biden warns that China is eating their lunch 07:00 Biden's 2.2 trillion USD American Jobs Plan 07:56 American's Jobs Plan areas of investment 10:29 How China became rich by building infrastructure 12:11 China's Infrastructure investment this decade 15:02 Biden seeks support from G7 to counter China 16:22 What is relevance of G7 today? 18:24 Why is China the main challenge? 21:04 What and how is the G7 changing? 24:24 What are Beijing's motives to invest in infrastructure? 27:52 What are Biden's motives to invest in infrastructure? 31:10 Why the West should not copy China 31:51 Conclusion: Why the West copies China

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這段視頻講述了拜登如何專注於基礎設施,以在西方的幫助下振興美國。美國的就業計劃被比作中國的基礎設施五年計劃。 G7 對抗中國在世界上的影響力的決定被放在中國的背景下。是什麼驅使拜登抄襲中國?是恐懼、關懷、領導力還是美國夢? 00:00 介紹:拜登為何抄襲中國? 00:37 拜登曾聲稱中國無法創新 03:28 拜登警告中國正在吃他們的午餐 07:00 拜登的 2.2 萬億美元美國就業計劃 07:56 美國就業計劃投資領域 10:29 中國如何通過建設基礎設施致富 12:11 中國這十年的基礎設施投資 15:02 拜登尋求 G7 支持以對抗中國 16:22 今天 G7 的相關性是什麼? 18:24 為什麼中國是主要挑戰? 21:04 G7 有什麼變化?如何變化? 24:24 北京投資基建的動機是什麼? 27:52 拜登投資基礎設施的動機是什麼? 31:10 為什麼西方不應該複製中國 31:51 結論:為什麼西方復制中國