Sandy M9-2


First, talk to any gate guard to accept the mission. Once you have accepted the mission, head to Chateau d'Oraguille to receive a cutscene.

Now, form a party and head to Fei'Yin. Upon your arrival, you will receive a cutscene. Once you have finished the cutscene, make your way to Qu'Bia Arena. Buff, and enter the shimmering circle. The battle is divided in to two parts:

Part 1:
In the first part, there are 15 enemies -- 14 orcs and 1 Orcish Warmachine.

Upon first entering, the PLD will need to round up all the enemies so that the BRD, BLMs, and RDMs can sleep them. Because there are 15 enemies, there is a good chance that AoE sleeps will miss one or two, so it is important to have backup sleepers. The orcs all go down quickly, so our strategy was to kill them first, and work on the Orcish Warmachine last.

IMPORTANT: leave one of the weak orcs alive and slept. Once there is only that orc left, the mages should cure everyone and rest to full. Once everyone is rested, kill the last orc--that will trigger the transition to part 2.

Part 2:
For part 2, Prince Trion will come to fight along side you. The fight is against 3 tougher orcs ...

Warlord Rojgnoj (PLD)
Rojgnojj's Right Hand (DRK)
Rognoj's Left Hand (BLM)

If Trion dies, then you lose the fight, so the WHM's primary responsibility will be to keep Prince Trion alive. Each Orc will use his respective 2-hour. The general order that you want to kill in is BLM >> DRK >> PLD. Unfortunately, Trion will choose whatever he wants to choose, so if he goes off to attack another orc, everyone must immediately drop what they are doing and focus on the one that he chooses to fight. He likes to spam Savage Blade, so the only real challenge here is keeping him alive.

Once you have finished the battle, head to Chateau d'Oraguille for a cutscene, then head to the door in King Ranperre's Tomb for another cutscene, then finally back to Chateau d'Oraguille to complete the mission and receive Rank 10, 100,000 gil, and a San d'Orian Flag (furnishing).

Once you have completed the mission, head back to Northern San d'Oria to receive one last cutscene.

This Mission is Not Skippable
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