Carby Mitts


Just got these last night, finally, and thought I'd clarify exactly how it's done. This won't be a perfect walkthrough nicely done with maps, but hopefully it will give you some idea on how to get these.

This is done in 3 steps:

1. Get an offering
2. Get a Prelate Key
3. Spawn and fight the NM

Step 1: Get an Ugglepiah offering. You should do this solo and bring along plenty of prism powders. For starts, head like you're going to the Temple of Ugglepiah, but then go straight of the entrance. Don't enter through here. If you look on the Yhoater map, you'll see a Bloodpool landmark north of the temple, and just east of that you can zone into the Den of Rancor, straight from Yhoater Jungle. Once inside, follow the right wall. You may need sneak and invis, but I don't think so. You should only pass lizards, which are non-aggro.

You'll eventually zone into the temple via the bac entrance. Now, if you follow the left wall, you'll quickly come to a hallway with 4 rooms, 2 on either side. There is a ??? mark in one of the rooms, that spawns once every 2 hours (respawns, that is, after someone else gets it). All you have to do is click on it to recieve the offering.

What makes this hard, is the tonberrys that aggro by sight, unless you are 70+, and the Pots and Iron maidens that aggro by magic. Hence, casting Invis isn't such a good idea. You have to drop invis and actually go into the room and tab around. You won't see the ??? unless you are in the room, which usually contains a tonberry. My tactics involved stoneskin and blink, then I'd just brave it. If I got aggro, the zone to Den of Rancor was close enough for my buffs to protect me til I zoned.

There are 2 other rooms, according to a friend of mine, that have a chance of containing the ???, but in my opinion are harder, because the zone is farther away if you get aggro.

Step 2: Prelate Key. This one is actually skippable, if you tale advantage of a little trick, which I'll explain in part 3. However, having the key is nice. It's only dropped by Tonberry Stabbers, which are ninja-types. Kind of a rare drop, so expect to kill many tonberries to get it. However, it is re-usable, so once you have one, you never need to get another.

Step 3: Kill the NM. His name is Crimson-tooth Pawberry, and you can find him behind a locked door in the same room as the Manipulator NM. If you read Yarr's Faq, or have been through here for Leviathan, you'll know what I'm talking about. The manipulator makes laps inside this room, and the Granite door you want is at the top of the stairs in this room. Trade the key, and the door opens.

If you don't have a key, there's a little trick you can use, and that's to aggro an enemy on the other side of the door. When they come to get you, they'll open the door for you. I'm not exactly sure how this is done, as a friend of mine did it on this trip, but I do know that tonberrys will aggro through doors. And there are magic pots that will aggro through doors to magic, if close enough (we got a pot on this trip).

Once inside, there are a couple of tonberries who will probably aggro your group. Once they are dead, you can go right or left, and pass a bunch of pots and dolls up to the top room. There are about 5 tonberries in this room that you need to kill, to clear the room, as you'll fight the NM here. Once the room is clear, 1 person trades their Ugglepiah offering to the ??? here and spawns the NM.

He comes into existance already having carbuncle out, and he immediately does a searing light. That's right, he uses Carb's 2hr on you, which is AoE of course. After this, the pld will pull the NM to the far side of the room, so future Searing Lights won't hit the mages. Because he does those Searing Lights many times, during the 3 minutes it takes to kill this guy. The NM will also summon a random spirit to attack as well, so he has Carb and a spirit out. Having a high level bard, like we did, to sleep these extras is a very good idea. Once you kill the NM, Carb and Spirit die as well, so ignore them.

The Mitts are a 100% drop, so you will get them everytime. The NM will also drop 3500 gil abouts, and randomly drop other items like tonberry coats, lanterns, and a light spirit pact. We killed him four times, but he only dropped the light spirit pact for the bard.^^

If you have more than 1 person wanting the mitts, and they all have offerings (which is usually the case), the ??? takes about 10-15 minutes to respawn. The tonberries you kill before will respawn in this time, so you need to clear the room each time. They respawn faster than the ???, so after about 4 fights, they might begin to respawn while you're still fighting the NM, as happened to us. Sleep is very important.

And that's about it. Ask any questions if I wasn't clear enough, and I'll try to answer. Carb's Mitts add +20 to mp, and have a hidden effect that reduces Carb's perpetuation cost by 4. With a light staff(-2), this usually means you can have Carb out for free.