Sexy English Vocabulary (2 of 3)
Approaching woman接近女人
Appearance 外表
Angel and demon天使和魔鬼 (demon is fallen angel.)
Boring=uninteresting 无趣的
Break off:断绝(关系)
break off with 与…断绝(关系)
--"Dude, did you see shanes cock in the locker room."
--"Ya, dude he's got some serious bamboo."

Be interested in 对…感兴趣
Be-all: n.生命中的一切, 最要紧的事 (= be-all and end-all) (End-all: n. 终结, 大团圆)
Blatant: 明目张胆的,无耻的open and unashamed; flagrant.
Bod:slang The physical human body; build:

Blowapalooza: Popular event in which usually four or more females are paid to give head to dozens of men sequentially. Differs and is often confused with gang bang. Blowapalooza involves a streetwalker blowing one person at a time while gang bang is more than one person having sex with a female at the same time.
--Everybody did Sarita at the Blowapalooza?
--She’s one of the Blowapalooza girls.
Cajole以甜言蜜语哄骗, 勾引
Catamite: n. 娈童:与男人有性关系的男孩 (cata-[前缀]表示“下, 向下”之义 ; mite:小孩,螨类)
chase 追逐
Clean: 干净的, 纯洁的
clown 小丑
cool guy 酷酷的男子
Confident, sexy, charming, powerful and irresistible自信,性感,魅力,有力,不可抵挡
Cup 罩杯
Curvaceous: adj. 有曲线美的,婀娜多姿的(女人) (亦作: curvacious)
cute 伶俐的
Consort with (与with连用)(与坏人)结交 Father is annoyed that his daughter consorts with all kinds of strange people.
Castrate:阉割, 将(雄性动物)去势, 去掉最重要的部分
damn it:Damn, damn it, and dammit are used by some people to express anger or impatience. (INFORMAL, RUDE)
--Don't be flippant, damn it! This is serious.
doll 美人,本义“洋娃娃”。在男性使用的场合仅指“美人”
debauchee: debauch 使堕落...debauchee 浪荡子...debauchery 奸污
degrading job低贱的工作
Dissolute:overindulgent in sensual pleasure.过于沉浸于肉欲的欢愉
Dump:随便抛弃或扔弃--dump an old friend.
direct contact 直接接触
disgust, dislike or a generally awkward feeling恶心、不喜欢或一般笨拙的感觉
easy going guy 随和的男人
Euthanasia安乐死 (eu—good, thanasia—death)
Fall in love with sb. 爱上某人
feel bad 感觉差
fickle-minded:adj.易变的, 不专一的
filth:n. 污秽;污物;粗俗话语
---I don't know how you can read such filth.我不知道你怎么会去读这种下流的书。 (filthy)
Flighty轻浮的, 轻狂的
Feces, 粪便defecate通便;净化 Defecation
Fuckface: a person who, eloquently speaking, is such a complete and utterly disgrace to mankind. Otherwise, if he is a friend, this is a compliment .
--I can't believe you, you are such a fuckface.
--hey fuckface!!
Fuckwit: A person who is not only lacking in clue but is apparently unable or unwilling to acquire clue even when handed it on a plate in generous portions.
--Manos, you're a fuckwit.

Fucker: (1)one who is rude, obnoxious, or mean....synonymous with Asshole, Dickhead, etc.
--90% of the human race is a bunch of fuckers.
--That fucker gets a lot of ass.
(2) The one who does the actual fucking. As opposed to the fuckee, who is the one getting fucked.
--Although Jim was usually the one who got fucked, today he was the fucker.
gang bang is more than one person having sex with a female at the same time.

get to know 慢慢地熟悉
Getting hard变硬
Goodlooking 好看
gorgeous 艳丽的
Given to : inclined or disposed to
Gossip:n.闲话,流言蜚语 v.传播或散布流言蜚语
Greed贪欲greedy 贪婪的
Handsome 帅气的
Hang out出去玩
He-female: partially an antonym for shemale. A strongly masculinized short-haired bisexual woman, who wears a suit, a man's hat, pants, a white shirt, a black tie, and entertains the intimate company of some bisexual {slutboy]
The Mistress: Kiss your he-female in the neck, slutboy. Come on, come on...

He-bitch: (1) a male bitch. (2) a male who goes through pms
--fuck you he-bitch!

Hypocritical, unfaithful, untrustworthy, duplicitous, weak, and an outright liar
Hoax: n. & v. 愚弄
Harlot:a female capable of frequently having casual sexual relations with different partners and is completely undiscriminative in the choice of sexual partners, hence being appreciated by everyone she knows. also known as a sex saint.( One of the female species that sleeps around.)
--"my girlfriend is NOT a slut, she just a good practicioner of harlotry"
--"i would love to go out with you, i am a harlot after all!"
--My sister is a harlot. The reason behind this is that she has sexual relations with many men.
--She is really a slut, but goes by harlot to save her own reputation.
honey mouth甜蜜的嘴巴
HIP: The laterally projecting prominence of the pelvis or pelvic region from the waist to the thigh.
Homophobia: 同性恋恐怖症( homo-同性戀,phobe-恐怖 –ia疾病 )
hook up with the pretty girl
hot girl 火辣女孩
Inner soul and innate will
Immoral不道德的( immorality), immoral conduct不道德的行为
intoxicate: adj.醉人的,致醉的 v.喝醉,使喝醉,使陶醉 n.致醉药物,酒类饮料
insatiable不知足的, 贪求无厌的 (Satiety过饱)
insult 侮辱
Jake:sexy man who is incredible at fucking and has a great bod. (bod=body)
Jack (jacket? ) 西服的上衣 关联词 :pants裤子
Jeer 嘲笑 n. & v.
jock 男子汉
Klutz不善交际的人, klutzy
Lackluster 无光泽的; 缺乏活力的
Libertine (1) n. 放荡不羁的人; (2) n. 反对已建立的宗教诫律的人;自由思想者 (3) adj. 放荡不羁的
long-lasting commitment 持久的责任
love-philter: n.(=love potion)春药,媚药, 迷魂药
love balm : [俚]“安慰金”, 给予离婚妻子的赡养费
love bite: n. 做爱时被咬的齿痕
love child: n. 私生子
love in a cottage: n. 穷苦和谐的夫妇生活
Love is blind. 爱情使人盲目
love letter: n.情书
love life: n.<口>爱情生活
lovesome: adj. (poetic/literary) lovely or lovable
lovestruck: 热恋中的
loveworthy: adj. 值得爱的, 可爱的
lovey: 对爱人的昵称
loving:adj.亲爱的, 钟情的
lovingness:n.爱, 忠诚, 钟情
Moral, 道德的 Immoral不道德的
Minx:A girl or young woman who is considered pert, flirtatious, or impudent.冒失或轻佻的女子:被认为唐突、轻佻或脸皮厚的女孩或年轻女人。(Obsolete) A promiscuous woman.【废语】 妓女,荡妇
mischief 恶作剧
Naughty looking 淘气的表情
nerd 也作 nurd:蠢货,书呆子
night club goer: 常去夜总会的人
nonsense 胡说,废话
Nun: 修女, 尼姑
old hen 老婆子 ( en-pecked怕老婆的,本义是 “被母鸡啄的”。意思是“象软弱的公鸡经常被强壮的母鸡啄伤。男子慑于女性的淫威,表现得服服帖帖”。这个表达出自1690年德莱顿的喜剧《安菲特律翁》和1712发行的杂志《旁观者》。理解了上面的意思,那么hen party就不难理解为“女人的聚会”。后引申为凡是只有女人参加的社交性聚会都叫henparty。与它相对的是stag party雄鹿会,只有男子参加的聚会。)
Outcast : A person rejected by their society or social group; adj. rejected or cast out
Pony tail 马尾辫
Pleasury, intimacy and ecstacy快感,亲密,和 无法自控的情绪
PMS: Pre-Menstrual Syndrome. An array of symptoms that comes from a hormonal upset as a woman's body prepares to either become pregnant or expel an unfertilized ovary. Can involve cramping, water retention, mood swings, spontaneous stimulation, etc.
---PMS is no fun for anyone.

punk: (1) n.(名词)(a) Slang 【俚语】A young person, especially a member of a rebellious counterculture group.叛逆的年轻人:尤指加入反叛性的反文化组织的年轻人(b) An inexperienced young man.无经验的年轻人(c) Music【音乐】Punk rock.庞克摇滚乐A punk rocker.庞克摇滚乐师(d) Slang A young man who is the sexual partner of an older man.【俚语】 娈童:作为某上了年纪的人的性伙伴的年轻人,即娈童(e) Archaic A prostitute.【古语】 妓女(f) Dry, decayed wood, used as tinder.用作引火物的干朽木(spunk) (g) Any of various substances that smolder when ignited, used to light fireworks.火绒:某些用于引火的物质,点燃时发生熏烧现象(spunk) (h) Chinese incense.中国香
(2) adj.Slang (形容词)【俚语】Of or relating to a style of dress worn by punk rockers and often characterized by unusual clothing, hairstyles, and makeup.庞克风格:属于或有关庞克乐师的衣着风格并常以不寻常的衣着、发型和化装为特征Of poor quality; worthless.低劣的;无价值的Weak in spirits or health.身体不好或精神不佳的
Porno 色情作品
Pornography: n. 色情文学, 色情描写
Pretty 好看的
Preadult 成年前的
relax 放松
Rude 粗鲁的
right-hand man 得力助手
Roguish:流氓的, 无赖的
Sex Organ Female
• Bartholin's glands 前庭大腺
• cervix 子宫颈
• clitoris 阴蒂
o clitoral hood 阴蒂包皮
o clitoral glans (glans clitoridis) 阴蒂头
• Fallopian tubes 输卵管
• labium 阴唇
• ovaries 卵巢
• Skene's gland skene腺,分泌润滑液和女子出射
• uterus 子宫
• vagina 阴道
• vulva 女外阴

Sex Organ Male:
• bulbourethral glands 尿道球腺
• epididymis 附睾
• penis 阴茎
o foreskin 包皮
o glans penis 龟头
• prostate 前列腺
• scrotum 阴囊
• seminal vesicles 精囊
• testicles 睾丸

Snuggle (1) 躺或挤在一起;搂抱;(2)舒适地蜷伏
she-male: individual with breasts and penis, most often a transsexual man who starts a hormonal treatment in order to become a women and finally make surgery to remove their penises and create a vagina. During a phase they look very much like women, but still have their penis. Very popular in pornography.

Shit 拉屎
shy 害羞
silly 傻的
squint at斜视

Scoundrel: A villain; a rogue. 流氓;无赖


sweat talk 甜言蜜语
Swelling of the clitoris and labia阴蒂和阴唇的膨胀

Shitty: Shitty is Of very poor quality; highly inferior. Contemptible; despicable. Unfortunate; unpleasant. Being in a state of discomfort or unhappiness; miserable. Incompetent; inept. Trivial; insignificant.
--but u can't mess with shitty cuz its someones name...shitty from YO!!! don't use the name in vain!!-Dinky
--this note book looks shitty .
--you look shitty.
--he got real shitty last night.
--She was really shitty about it.
--Today is a shitty day, yesterday was better.
Transphobia:异性转化恐怖症(trans—transsexual, phobe—恐怖,-ia疾病)
Transsexual: n. 有异性转化欲者; 变性人 adj. 有异性转化欲的;变性的(transsexualism 或transsexuality)
Trump:(1)n. 【非正式用语】 可靠的或可敬慕的人;(2)n. 王牌, 法宝 (3)v. 出王牌获胜
Twisted,angry,scarred,cynical and alone扭曲的、生气的、有伤疤的、玩世不恭的、落单的
Urinate小便, 撒尿
Voluptuous 艳情的
Vice: 恶习, 恶行, 坏脾气, 罪恶, 堕落, 老虎钳, 缺点, 缺陷Vice refers to criminal activities, especially those connected with pornography or prostitution.
vicious(1)cruel or violent;(of an animal) wild and dangerous;(2) immoral;(3)(of language or a line of reasoning)imperfect; defective. vicious circle恶性循环
Vacuous空虚的, 茫然若失的, 无所事事的, 空洞的 a vacuous expression茫然的表情
Vain: adj. 无用的;无结果的;徒劳的 a vain attempt无用的尝试vain promises空头许诺,自负的;爱虚荣的She's very vain about her good looks.她为她那好的容貌而自负。in vain徒然,枉然
weird, creepy guy 奇怪的,让人生厌的家伙
Wicked:(1) You use wicked to describe someone or something that is very bad and deliberately harmful to people. --- She described the shooting as a wicked attack. --- She flew at me, shouting how wicked and evil I was. = evil (wickedness :--- ...moral arguments about the wickedness of nuclear weapons.)
(2)If you describe someone or something as wicked, you mean that they are rather naughty, but in a way that you find attractive or enjoyable. ---She had a wicked sense of humour. --- I adore white chocolate, as it has such a sweet taste and I always feel very wicked when eating it. (wickedly :---This collection of letters is affectionate, candid and wickedly funny. --- Michael grinned wickedly.
Window girl: 橱窗女孩, 妓女在橱窗里向游客进行展示。


Tulips on my organ : tulips暗指two lips, organ 指性器官,短语的意思是口交。